Tuesday, November 30

New Corona regulation: Stuttgart versus Mainz in front of a maximum of 25,000 fans

Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart can play their home game on Friday against FSV Mainz 05 in front of a maximum of 25,000 spectators. This emerges from the new Corona regulation, which the Baden-Württemberg state government announced on Tuesday evening.

After that, from Wednesday on, the spectator seats in stadiums and sports halls may only be 50 percent occupied, the upper limit is 25,000 spectators. In addition, the 2G-plus rule applies from now on, which means that only vaccinated and convalescent people with a negative daily test are allowed to watch.

Corona “alert level II” applies from Wednesday in BW

The new alert level II with further restrictions is triggered because the limit of 450 Covid-19 cases in intensive care units has been exceeded for the second time this week. In a sports hall with, for example, 10,000 seats, a maximum of 5,000 spectators are now allowed to watch a game or competition.

The Mercedes-Benz Arena, in which VfB plays its home games, usually offers a little more than 60,000 seats, but because of the upper limit, only a maximum of 25,000 spectators are allowed, i.e. less than half.


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