Tuesday, November 30

The Yamaha was a lot easier to ride than the Aprilia

The Algarve Grand Prix in Portimao was a zero for Aprilia. Aleix Espargaro said goodbye early by falling out of the race. Teammate Maverick Vinales did his laps at the back of the field and was in last position from the first to the 21st lap. In the end, Vinales was 16th and was left empty-handed.

Vinales, who switched from Yamaha to Aprilia in the summer, does not want to be upset by the poor result and emphasizes that he is currently preparing for the 2022 season: “We are trying to get to know the bike further and cover more kilometers with it. We try a lot Things to be ready for the coming season. That’s what we’re concentrating on, that’s our most important task. “

“Of course we’d like to see ourselves in first position, but it’s not that far yet. I don’t really have confidence in the bike yet so I can’t really attack. It will build up over time as we do a lot of laps “, Vinales is convinced.

With the Aprilia RS-GP, Vinales has not yet been able to build on the performance he achieved with the Yamaha M1. “The Yamaha is much easier to drive,” said the Aprilia driver and remembers the advantages of the M1: “It is less physically demanding because it is not that restless. The character of the engine is completely different. That makes life easier . “

“You have to work harder on the Aprilia and you have to work harder physically,” explains Vinales, who also sees advantages: “There are positive and negative aspects. The engine is stronger on the straight. The engine brake works completely differently.”

The Aprilia challenges the driver more than the Yamaha

In winter Vinales will adjust his training. “I have to train much more intensively. Before that, I sat on a motorcycle that was very calm and didn’t challenge the driver as much. It’s completely different with this motorcycle. The driver is constantly challenged. It is exhausting in every driving situation, when braking when accelerating, when turning in. I have to train much harder, “the Spaniard is aware of.

The former Moto3 world champion sees the final races of the current season as preparation for 2022: “It is important for us to improve the feeling for the motorcycle and the motorcycle itself. The results are a minor matter at the moment. It doesn’t make sense at the moment. We are focusing more on improving ourselves. Step by step we are getting closer. “

“To finish the race with a good feeling is a good result for us at the moment,” explains Vinales. This year Aprilia is trailing in sixth place in the manufacturers’ championship. The first podium in MotoGP history doesn’t change the fact that Aprilia is still at the bottom of the league.

Many open questions at Aleix Espargaro

Recently, Aleix Espargaro found it extremely difficult to build on the performances he was able to show in the current season. “I haven’t learned anything here and I don’t know what’s going on. At one point in the season I was really strong. I can’t explain why I’m just struggling now,” said Espargaro.

“We don’t have any grip and the bike won’t turn. I’m very frustrated because I don’t know why I’m falling,” says car number 41. “I crashed in the warm-up and also in the race. I’m not like that as fast as the first part of the season. “

“I don’t know why. I don’t know what I’m doing differently. We have no grip. It’s difficult to be fast and competitive. Maverick has the same problems as me. I have no explanation,” admits Espargaro , who travels to Valencia for the season finale as eighth of the World Cup.


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