Tuesday, November 30

Soeren Oliver Voigt is no longer the managing director of FCK

Soeren Oliver Voigt is no longer managing director of 1. FC Kaiserslautern Management GmbH. This emerges from a public announcement by the Kaiserslautern District Court.

The notification from the local court states that Thomas Hengen has now been appointed as sole managing director of Management GmbH instead.

The Advisory Board of Management GmbH has not yet wanted to comment on SWR Sport’s request. It therefore remains unclear whether the removal of Voigt as managing director also means the end of the cooperation. Voigt had not appeared in public in connection with the FCK in the past few months.

Soeren Oliver Voigt’s term of office ends earlier than planned

Soeren Oliver Voigt had been Managing Director of Management GmbH since the beginning of December 2019 and was given a 2.5-year contract. Initially, Voigt was solely responsible for both the commercial and the sporting area. Thomas Hengen, a managing director for sport, has been at his side since March 2021.

Soeren Oliver Voigt led FCK through bankruptcy

Born in Dortmund, Voigt worked for Eintracht Braunschweig for many years and was supposed to stabilize the FCK as managing director. During his tenure, he was instrumental in ensuring that FCK was able to successfully complete its insolvency proceedings and thus get rid of the majority of its debts.

Tough struggle for stadium lease between FCK and the city

During his time with the Red Devils, FCK and the city of Kaiserslautern agreed on a new lease for the Fritz Walter Stadium last year after months of tough negotiations. Since then, FCK has only paid 625,000 euros for the stadium in the third division. Previously there were only agreements for the 1st division (3.2 million) and the 2nd division (2.4 million).


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