Wednesday, December 8

Polish toboggan runner fell badly on the Olympic track in Beijing

According to information from the sports show, the athlete sustained a knee cap fracture. At first there was talk of further injuries.

Hit the barrier

It is not clear whether he will still be able to compete this season, said the Secretary General of the Polish Luge Federation, Janusz Tatera, in an interview with local media.

The 25-year-old is currently in hospital. According to information from the sports show, the toboggan hit a barrier at around 60 km / h during training that should have been open. This is the switch that integrates the track from the women’s start into the regular track. Sochowicz started from this women’s starting position, but the switch was closed. At the moment it is assumed to be human error.

Stand: 09.11.2021, 09:55

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