Monday, December 6

Mainz board boss believes in the Super League

Mainz-05 boss Stefan Hofmann is convinced: The European Super League will come. Then the fans have to decide if she will stay.

Mainz-05 board boss Stefan Hofmann assumes that the Super League, which failed this year, is only a matter of time. In the “Kicker” interview, he said when asked how he would like the new, reformed Champions League from 2024: “At some point the market will probably take care of it. Then the Super League will come and then the clubs that want it should play Then the fan, the consumer at home, decides: Am I going to watch Paris against Barcelona for the tenth time, or not? “

If it is so, “that millions are watching, then we will not stop the course of things, then that’s the way it is,” added the 58-year-old functionary. He himself only watches selected games in the Champions League and has not yet seen the Europa Conference League. “The whole thing is driven exclusively in monetary terms, the attractiveness suffers,” complained Hofmann.

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