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Darnold lives the patriots trauma: Eleven findings from Week 9

The big stumbling of the favorites was just as popular on this day as the Chargers extra point problem and Sam Darnold’s patriots trauma. Best of NFL 2021, Week 9 …

Has sporting nightmares when it comes to the New England Patriots: Quarterback Sam Darnold.

Has sporting nightmares when it comes to the New England Patriots: Quarterback Sam Darnold.

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1. The overarching theme of this ninth week of the NFL was surely the big dying of favorites. Both the Bengals and the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Rams and above all the Bills (6: 9 with the Jaguars) looked not bad from the tube in their partly clear bankruptcies.

2. Speaking of the Bills: Buffalo lost the field goal battle in Jacksonville 6: 9 as a team that was clearly better staffed – and in the entire 60 minutes there was not a single touchdown to be noted.

3. Above all, Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen should have been served, very different from his namesake Josh Allen from the victorious Jaguars. The linebacker became the first player in NFL history to give a quarterback of the same name a “sack”. But not only that: One Josh Allen caught an interception against the other Josh Allen and grabbed a fumble.

4. The Los Angeles Rams went swimming in Week 9 in the Sunday Night Game at 16:28 – and here Matthew Stafford had his worst appearance to date in the new jersey. The former Detroit Lion made two interceptions in a row and was knocked down five times by the opposing defense.

5. The Titans caught up with the Rams in terms of their balance sheet (7: 2 each) and already won their fifth game in a row. In addition to playmaker Ryan Tannehill (two total touchdowns), the recently signed veteran Adrian Peterson was celebrated here of his career (11th place in the all-time NFL rankings).

6. Patriots rookie Mac Jones has been advancing more and more to the best quarterback newcomer of the season for weeks and gives the Patriots (5: 4), who started out poorly at the beginning, more and more impetus. After Andrew Luck (2012) and Dak Prescott (2016), the playmaker is only the third QB since the NFL merger in 1970, who already has five or more wins, ten or more touchdowns and 2000 or more passing yards after nine games. That can be seen.

7. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers are on the decline, having slipped to 4: 5 after starting the season 3-0. Right in the middle: the currently weak Sam Darnold, who came from the New York Jets before the season. The 24-year-old also had to go through another nightmare against the Patriots. In what is now the fourth duel with New England, Darnold’s personal record dropped from three to four defeats, from six to nine interceptions and a total of only one touchdown.

8. The Baltimore Ravens (6: 2) remain a hot candidate not only to move into the play-offs again, but also to go far there. This has primarily to do with star quarterback Lamar Jackson, who did not go flawlessly at 34:31 after extra time against Minnesota (3: 5), but did a lot right again. The playmaker is also now the first player in NFL history to hit more than 2,000 passing yards and more than 600 rushing yards in the first eight games of a season.

9. Incidentally, the Ravens have now won twelve games in a row outside of the internal AFC North competition (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh).

10. The two brothers, Peyton and Eli Manning, who both won the Super Bowl twice, have had a show on “ESPN” since this season – and have been responsible for a little “Manning curse” since then: Both Travis Kelce (guest in Week 1) and Russell Wilson (Week 1), Rob Gronkowski (Week 2), Matthew Stafford (Week 3), Tom Brady (Week 7) and Josh Allen last as a guest in Week 8 lost on it.

11. The Los Angeles Chargers prevailed in the later Sunday window with just 27:24 at the Philadelphia Eagles and screwed their own record to 5: 3. But that didn’t prevent the Bolts from expanding a bad statistic: Once again, a supposedly simple extra point was awarded – this season it was the sixth missed shot in 20 PATs. No team has been that bad since 1938.

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