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2-2 at Juventus Turin: Girelli spits Wolfsburg into the soup very late

VfL Wolfsburg was behind at Juventus Turin and even turned the tables in the second round. In stoppage time, the Bundesliga side still received the balance when they were outnumbered.

Lena Lattwein scores with an ideal shot position to make it 1: 1.

Lena Lattwein scores with an ideal shot position to make it 1: 1.

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VfL was the more active team in an early phase that was wildly led by both sides, Juventus defended viciously, but could not prevent the Bundesliga club’s first chance (Rauch, 10th).

Girelli benefits from Schult faux pas

The Stroot-Elf remained superior, but initially only rarely managed to bring structure into the game. Turin held up well against it, but did not get beyond approaches offensively – until the 22nd minute: A through pass slipped past Wedemeyer to Girelli, who made Schult look very bad with an unplaced low shot from the left penalty area position in the Wolfsburg goal.

Lattwein countered promptly – and how

VfL reacted promptly and equalized a little later: Juve captain Gama fended off a cross with a head in front of the penalty area, where Lattwein took full risk and sank the ball from 20 meters at a right angle (25th).

The Italians got more and more troubled as the game progressed, the wolves developed a clear increase in chances. After chances from Roord (33rd) and Waßmuth (36th, 45th), Juve was well served with the draw when going into the cabin.

After the restart, the game was more even and fiercely contested – a compelling possibility remained nil on both sides. The Turin women gradually brought more force to their offensive, VfL did not always defend firmly, but successfully.

Knaak proposes, Wassmuth meets

In the middle of the second half the Stroot-Elf set a counterattack, intercepted a long pass from Gama and played purposefully forward: Knaak had too much space on the wing and passed across to Waßmuth, who came in at the right moment and completed it from seven meters (65 .).

The 1: 2 pulled the hostesses a bit the tooth. Although the Montemurro protégés left no stone unturned, VfL held out strongly and were the more dangerous team as a result – Roord was close to the decision (79th).

Girelli steals victory from Wolfsburg

Turin was hardly threatening in front of the gate, but did not give up. In stoppage time, Juve scored in the majority – Rauch saw the traffic light card shortly beforehand (89th) – actually equalized: Staskova claimed the ball against Hendrich, after her cross the completely unprotected Girelli shot in from close range to the final score (90th + 1) .

Goals and cards

Baby walkers (22 ‘, left-footed shot)

Lattwein (25 ‘, right-footed shot)

Waßmuth (65 ‘, right-footed shot, Knaak)

Baby walkers (90 ‘, right-footed shot, Staskova)

Juventus Turin


VfL Wolfsburg


Referee team

Anastasia Pustovoitova

Game info

Wolfsburg (5 points) maintained second place ahead of Juventus (4), but had to give up the championship lead to Chelsea (7), who celebrated a 7-0 victory at Servette. On November 18, VfL will receive the Turin women for the second leg.


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