Monday, November 29

Tomiak: “Couldn’t have imagined it better”

Header monster, motivator, defensive line and ice-cold enforcer. Boris Tomiak is the constant at FCK this season – and he clearly feels at home.

The man can celebrate too. He has never done it in the FCK jersey as exuberantly as after the derby win in Saarbrücken. When Boris Tomiak was a guest at SWR Sport RP on Sunday evening, he still had a hoarse voice. When he sees the cheers, he still has “goose bumps,” he said.

“He’s doing it brutally well”

Boris Tomiak played a major role in the 2-0 win in Saarbrücken. He annoyed his opponents in a duel without actually playing a foul, he showed a good overview of the game as in the first successful FCK attack in Saarbrücken, which he initiated. And the central defender himself was responsible for the first FCK shot on goal and got stronger by the minute. It was only a logical consequence that Kaiserslautern’s best field player also scored a 1-0 lead in Saarbrücken. Boris Tomiak reacted the fastest after Zuck’s post slam.

Tomiak: “I am overjoyed”

The league newcomer and defender made his third goal in 15 games and prepared two goals. “I have to honestly say that I couldn’t have imagined it would work that way for me. That’s why I’m overjoyed, definitely,” said Tomiak.

Kevin Kraus, who plays alongside him in defense, praised the game after the game: “He’s doing extremely well. Now he’s got a run that he also hits up front. He didn’t have any adjustment problems in the league.” And Alexander Winkler added: “When I look at him, he’s 23 years old, he’s experiencing it, you think he’s in his early thirties.”

He also takes advice

Together with Kraus and Winkler, Tomiak forms a chain of three that can hardly be overcome. Tomiak is strong at the head, very quick and difficult to play. He quickly gained respect in the team. “He works hard in training and always gives him full throttle. If you give him a tip or two from an older player, he’ll take it on,” said Kraus.

Tomiak really wanted to go to FCK

Tomiak comes from the Ruhr area. Schalke, Essen, Wattenscheid, Düsseldorf – his regional league stations before the 23-year-old came to the Palatinate. He wanted to play for FCK and even turned down a professional offer from Fortuna Düsseldorf in order to earn his spurs in the third division. “The whole environment, the coach, Thomas Hengen (Managing Director Sport of the FCK, editor’s note), they convinced me from day one. They just wanted to come here,” said Tomiak. From the first day he felt very well received. “It’s just fun to go to training every day. And you’re in a good mood.”

He has the quality for more

Tomiak has the class for a league higher. “He definitely has the potential. But I believe that it is always good to concentrate on the here and now,” said Kraus of his neighbor. And Tomiak agreed: “I’ve only just arrived and I want to prove myself in the league. Step by step.”

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