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Press comments on the GP in Mexico: “Fatal blow to Hamilton’s hopes”

Press comments on the GP in Mexico
“Fatal blow to Hamilton’s hopes”

Max Verstappen takes a big step towards the world title. The international press is enthusiastic about the “King of Maxiko”, who dealt a “fatal blow” to Lewis Hamilton’s World Cup hopes on the Day of the Dead. The “child” Bottas is not ignored either. The pedagogy of the international press reviews.


Sun: “King of ‘Maxiko’. The Dutchman has the title more and more firmly in his grip. Somehow it fits that the mega-city just celebrated the Day of the Dead – because Hamilton’s season seems to have been killed after another heavy blow by Verstappen.”

The Telegraph: “If Lewis Hamilton had been offered second place in Mexico last week, he would have gladly taken it. But after the first row in qualifying, this result was a disappointment for Mercedes. Red Bull seems to be taking advantage of the momentum.”

Guardian: “Max Verstappen was aware of the importance of this achievement. The victory had a downright thunderous effect, for Hamilton this title fight will be a huge challenge. Even under pressure, Verstappen shows no weakness, he looks like a veteran, not like a young man who is for the first time fights for the World Cup. “


De Volkskrant: “With a world-class start in Mexico, Max Verstappen is sending a crystal clear message to Lewis Hamilton: There is nothing between him and the title.”

AD: “Madonna. Pink Floyd. David Bowie. The Rolling Stones. All the greats on earth appeared in the Mexican Sun Forum, now a Dutchman without a gold throat put the Foro Sol on fire. Not in a glittering suit, but in a racing suit. Max Verstappen.” ‘Maxito’, as the Mexicans affectionately call him. “


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Verstappen sinks Hamilton and reaches for the first world title of his career. Hamilton’s mission to conquer the eighth world title and to overshadow the myth of Michael Schumacher has failed.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Verstappen burns all rivals.”

All sports: “Hamilton is still a flawless driver, but his Mercedes is no longer on the level of Red Bulls. The dream of the next world title is gradually shattering.”

The Republic: “Paradise is getting closer for Verstappen. Bottas opens the door for him. There are still four races missing, but Verstappen’s ninth win is a fatal blow to Hamilton’s hopes.”


Mark: “A walk for Verstappen – also thanks to the gift from Bottas at the start. The World Cup is leaning more and more in one direction. Verstappen aggressive, Bottas like a child, both of which led to Hamilton’s despair. The eighth world title is becoming more and more distant . “

As: “Verstappen hits the table and takes a psychologically very important victory. It was a superlative Red Bull car in Mexico.”

Sport: “Verstappen is pulling out the club. Now there are still four races full of intensity.”

The sports world: “Verstappen sinks Hamilton in Mexico, he already smells like a world champion. The Dutchman’s mental strength frightens the British.”


The New Zurich Times: “Max Verstappen combines raw speed with a gut feeling for the limit. In Mexico he brilliantly slows down his competition, is the man of the hour – and well on the way to becoming champion.”

View: “You have to ask yourself the question: Has the world championship fight already been decided? There are still four races to complete, is Hamilton already knocked out?”


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