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Formula 1 | Vettel: Confusion after Bottas-Dreher

Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel wanted to start in the points from P9 on the grid. And that worked: At the Mexico Grand Prix 2021 in Mexico City, Vettel crossed the finish line in P7, scoring points for Aston Martin for the sixth time in the 18th race of the season. It was his third best result after P2 in Baku and P5 in Monaco. And one that Vettel himself is very satisfied with.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion says: “I think we had a very good race. When I was clear I was able to allocate the tires. I always felt like a captain on board and could do what I did wanted to.”

And that was not always the case this year, as Vettel adds. “Unfortunately, we had a lot of races where I couldn’t manage in qualifying, somehow not wanting one to the other. Then I got myself [im Rennen] incredibly difficult. Once you’re in there, it’s very difficult. “

Actually, the racing pace of the AMR21 is “more of a strength,” says Vettel. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play them out that often.” But in Mexico the bill worked for Aston Martin: It was a “solid race”, emphasizes Vettel. “I’m pretty happy. We drove for ourselves and were able to swim in the field.”

Vettel: Confusion after Bottas-Dreher in turn 1

But the German couldn’t make ends meet without any problems: It got tricky right in turn 1 when McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo clashed with Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas and sent Bottas into a spin. Vettel watched this scene from the front row.

“I saw the Mercedes spin and didn’t know exactly where it was. I thought it might stop, but it let it roll. I then had to go back and forth. I had no other choice than that Driving grass in order to evade somehow. At that moment, of course, I have a seat across from Antonio [Giovinazzi] lost, “reports Vettel.

But the Aston Martin caught up with the Alfa Romeo again: On lap 15, Vettel was behind Giovinazzi DRS and overtaken on lap 16. This position finally brought Vettel to the finish, driving long stretches undisturbed. “I didn’t have stress with duels and so on throughout the race, I was relatively focused on myself and my tires,” he says.

Everything according to the schedule for Vettel in the race

This is exactly how he had imagined the Grand Prix after qualifying. “I knew: If we could roughly hold the position, then we would look good and could take points. This is exactly what happened, even though we benefited from Valtteri’s lathe,” explains Vettel, who was traveling to Brazil on Sunday evening occurs.

There the Aston Martin driver wants to acclimatize himself in peace and “do some sport”, but also treat himself to some free time before the next outing this coming weekend. For example, he could well imagine “playing darts”. “I have to see if there is any pub there. It will be found,” says Vettel.


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