Monday, December 6

Bratislava Capitals ask ICE Hockey League to leave the league

In the previous week the Slovaks had to accept two devastating news. On Wednesday, the only 24-year-old striker Boris Sadecky lost the battle with death after a collapse in a game due to cardiac arrest and five days in intensive care, and manager Dusan Pasek was found dead two days later.

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“Due to the tragic events that have struck our club in the past few days, we have decided to ask the leadership of the multinational ICE Hockey League to suspend our participation in the next games of this season. The club has decided to play in the league this season not finished playing. We will wait for feedback from the league leadership “, it says on the Facebook page of the Slovaks.

The league itself could be reached by telephone for the OÖN in the person of league manager Christian Feichtinger. “From a personal point of view this is of course sad, but understandable. I am still shocked, I spoke to Dusan Pasek on the phone on Thursday. He has become a friend over the past year and a half,” says the Ebenseer, concerned. Nevertheless, it is necessary to process this application formally correctly. This requires an official letter from the association – currently only Bratislava President Durkovic has informed them by phone.

The further procedure is that the games of the Slovaks have to be canceled and the table is recalculated. The owners of the other ICE clubs will subsequently decide on a date on which a vote will be taken on a resumption of the capital, probably in the spring of 2022.

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