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Paderborn’s well-being puts promotion chances into perspective – kicker

Winner on Saturday against Ingolstadt, winner also in the top group of the table this weekend. The SC Paderborn 07 goes relaxed into the international break. Sports director Fabian Wohlgemuth is already looking into the future with the kicker – and pretending to be a realist.

Paderborn guarantees success: Felix Platte and Sven Michel (right).

Paderborn guarantees success: Felix Platte and Sven Michel (right).

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“Whoever is at the top wins these games,” said coach Lukas Kwasniok after the somewhat lucky 2-1 win against the bottom line Ingolstadt. In the end, do you even get on like that, Herr Wohlgemuth?
At least we’re consistent after 13 games. But you can see in our games that we are always challenged right up to the last minute and that there is a certain drama involved. The viewer is sure to like to watch. But our last two games in particular do not allow medium-term forecasts.

What is still missing from the team?
To play such games to the end with confidence is what makes a top team. We are not that yet. We have to keep working on our stability.

After all: Anyone who feared in the summer that SCP 07 could play against relegation is apparently not confirmed. Is a minimum target as good as achieved with this number of points?
The team found each other quickly. The fact remains: We want to play in the top 30 in Germany, to consolidate within the league. The environment offers a lot of tranquility in order to achieve this stability. After a third of the season, it is still not possible to say where the journey will end in the end.

Sports director Fabian Wohlgemuth

Talked to the kicker: Sports director Fabian Wohlgemuth.
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Is this calm a big advantage over other locations where things are much more agitated?
Being calm and staying calm is always an advantage. But to be honest: who knows how far it would be with the calm here, we would have ten points less.

Felix Platte and Sven Michel have now together scored 18 of 28 Paderborn goals, the force in front of the goal is distributed over several shoulders. How important is this duo as a bargaining chip for success?
Both have great individuality. With Felix you have to see that he was often injured and had to start over and over again. Now he’s fit, doing meters. Sven Michel just has a run, once again. Both go very well together and make us difficult to calculate, which is indeed an advantage.

With Platte, Marco Schuster, Robin Yalcin, Jasper van der Werff or the currently injured Marcel Mehlem, newcomers quickly found their way into the team. How satisfied are you that the seeds of your transfer policy seem to sprout immediately?
Satisfaction is the wrong word. Things seem to work fine after 13 games, but there are still 21 games left to play. The players, including Ron Schallenberg, are developing well. This can make the whole structure even more serious. Then it will show what is possible.

What would be still possible on the transfer market if it turns out after the next five match days during the winter break that the SCP 07 has really good prospects in the promotion race?
The possibilities in Paderborn are well known. We operate very seriously. The five games have to be played first, then we’ll see. The time for such thoughts would be too early anyway.

Interview: Michael Richter


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