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NFL: Josh Allen surprises Josh Allen – Baltimore celebrates late

That was not to be expected: In the early NFL window of Week 9, a number of favorites slipped and received noticeable neck blows. Above all the Buffalo Bills, who were surprised by the previously weak Jaguars; also because of a namesake. The cowboys were amazed, however.

Got completely wrong-footed with the Jaguars with the Bills: Josh Allen.

Got completely wrong-footed with the Jaguars with the Bills: Josh Allen.

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Josh picks Allen, Allen picks Josh

The name of the 7pm Sunday shift in the NFL (CET) that outshone everything was surely Josh Allen – but the wrong one from the point of view of Bills fans. Because in fact, on the part of the previously almost completely unsuccessful Jacksonville Jaguars, a linebacker was named Josh Allen, who prepared Buffalo’s star quarterback Josh Allen a real nightmare. It started with a “sack” from the 24-year-old for the weak playmaker (264 yards, no touchdown, two interceptions), which was also steeped in history: the league officially recorded “sacks” since 1982 – and never before had a player had one exactly the quarterback who had the same name was brought to the ground.

But that’s not all: Josh Allen subsequently also caught an interception from his namesake and just before the end grabbed a fumble from the quarterback, which couldn’t find an answer to the 6: 9 deficit shortly before the end – that was then also the final score.

Overall, this duel between Jacksonville (2: 6) and Buffalo (5: 3) was a pure field goal battle: Jaguars kicker Matthew Wright scored from 39, 55 and 21 yards. His counterpart, Tyler Bass, was “only” on the spot from 24 and 41 yards.

In the end, only this sentence was important anyway: Josh Allen annoyed Josh Allen three times and thus became the Josh Allen of the day.

Another three unexpected surprises

The bankruptcy of the Bills was not the only surprise in Week 9. The Dallas Cowboys with the statistically best offensive (6: 2) were after their last six sometimes really strong wins in a row at 16:30 against the Denver Broncos (5: 4) , who recently handed over star linebacker Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams, had no chance. In the meantime, Denver even led 30-0. Interesting: This success was also the seventh win in a row against the Texans for the Broncos, the series started in 1995.

On top of that, the New York Giants (3: 6) won an unexpected 23:16 home win against the Las Vegas Raiders (5: 3). Star quarterback Derek Carr left the chance of a comeback near the end zone shortly before the end, lost the ball and with it the game. Extremely curious: The last week’s game-free Raiders are still the weakest NFL team after breaks – 3:16 is now in games that took place directly after a game-free week.

Denzel Ward runs off.

Cleveland cornerback Denzel Ward has just booked an interception and is running for 99 yards to the score.
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And the 41:16 victory of the Cleveland Browns (5: 4), who from now on without Odell Beckham Jr., against the Cincinnati Bengals (5: 4) was unexpected and creates additional tension in the AFC North. Playmaker Baker Mayfield reeled off a sovereign program (218 yards, no int., Two touchdowns), while his opponent Joe Burrow threw two interceptions and did not score a score. Browns running back Nick Chubb was also strong with a proud 137 yards and two runs into the end zone. The highlight was due to Denzel Ward: The cornerback intercepted a pass from Burrow and carried the “egg” over a full 99 yards until the touchdown.

Tucker is once again the decisive man

The eagerly anticipated top game between Baltimore (6: 2) and Minnesota (3: 5) was a really big match. The Ravens around playmaker Lamar Jackson (266 passing yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions, 120 rushing yards) made up two significant deficits, about a deficit of 14 points in the third quarter. The Vikings around quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​(187 yards, two TDs) and running back Dalvin Cook (110 yards) simply missed closing the bag.

In the end, when the score was 31:31, it went into overtime (for the third time overtime for Baltimore this season), where it got really wild: Jackson threw an interception right at the start, which linebacker Anthony Barr artistically made possible. But the Vikes didn’t know how to capitalize on that either, and had to give the ball back – and so the extremely reliable star kicker Justin Tucker shot again 16 seconds before the final end from 36 yards to 34:31 success through the goal posts.

Patriots are picking up speed – Late Atlanta

The New England Patriots (5: 4) are getting better and better in the NFL and have now won four of their last five games with an away win in Carolina (4: 5). The team around Stuttgart fullback Jakob Johnson defeated the Panthers in the comeback of their star running back Christian McCaffrey (over 100 total yards) on Sunday 24: 6. One of the deciding factors was that Pats rookie Mac Jones eliminated the mistake after an early interception and an early fumble. In addition, cornerback CJ Jackson carried one of a total of three interceptions from playmaker Sam Darnold, who was ailing these weeks, for 88 yards as “Pick Six” into the end zone.

There was also a lot going on in New Orleans, where the Saints (5: 3) without the injured Jameis Winston (cruciate ligament tear) were basically defeated the entire time against the Atlanta Falcons (4: 4) and yet thanks to substitute playmaker Trevor Siemian (249 Yards, two TDs) went 25:24 one minute before the end. The guests around Matt Ryan (343 yards, two TDs plus a Rush TD) knew how to answer again, especially with the tireless Cordarrelle Patterson (126 receiving yards). So in the end kicker turned Younghoe Koo to 27:25.


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