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Live ticker SpVgg Greuther Fürth – Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga 2021/2022, 11th matchday)



Hrgota to the external network! After Seguin’s missed acceptance on the left pentagon, the Swede fires the ball from a good eight meters with his left instep in the direction of the short corner. He just misses the post by a very thin margin.



After Sarpei headed Lindstrøm from a cross from the right side of Frankfurt, Lindstrøm took a left-footed shot from a half-left 13 meters. Meyerhöfer stands in the way and blocks the attempt.



Kostić picks up speed on the left wing. The Serbian passes Meyerhöfer, but Leweling, who works backwards, ends at the side of the sixteen line. Kostić is not yet a factor.



Hans Nunoo Sarpei

Yellow card for Hans Nunoo Sarpei (SpVgg Greuther Fürth)

Sarpei clears Sow in midfield at increased speed and receives the first yellow card of the game.



Jakić just missed! The Croat runs after Durm’s cross from the right flank behind the opposing central defender and takes off at the penalty spot for a header. Keeper Funk advanced in time and catches the ball in front of Jakić.



The Hessians advance a little further in the last minute and thus participate more actively in the action. Does this slight increase lead to the SBU’s first real chance even before the cabin aisle?



After a supposedly punishable entry by Fürth’s keeper Funk against Kamada, Referee Siebert has brief contact with the VAR. Ultimately, the referee decides against a penalty, as Funk slightly touched Kamada not far from the right-hand baseline, but the Japanese fell far too easily.



… Hinteregger’s massive, half-height version with the left instep rushes into the white-green wall from a good 23 meters.



After Green’s foul on Borré, Eintracht wins a free kick in the central offensive area …



Lindstrøm shoots towards its own box! When the Dane wants to clear Willems’ low cross from the left Fürth side at the penalty line, he involuntarily pushes the ball in the wrong direction with the right. It doesn’t fly far past the left corner.



… in its aftermath, Christiansen crosses from the left half field to the right side of the sixteen. Green tries a side pull from a good 14 meters, but does not hit the ball properly. SGE coach Trapp does not have to intervene.



The Leitl team mainly attacks on the right side. Itten uses this to force another corner kick after a half-high flank, which Hinteregger cleared into the right gate …



After Hertha’s 1-1 draw against Leverkusen in the afternoon, the Hessians would move up to 14th place in the table with a three-point and expand their lead on 16th place to three points. So far, however, they have not emerged as a candidate for victory at the Ronhof.



Hrgota misses from close range! After Tuta involuntarily extended a corner flank of Greens from the left flag at the nearby pentagon with his head, the Swede wants to complete it with his head in front of the right post. The ball flies over him.



Kostić made a hard hit with his left instep from a half-left 21 meters. Fürth’s goalkeeper confidently stops the ball in the short corner.



The Glasner selection is still waiting to really arrive at this encounter. She does not bring any noteworthy actions on and in the opponent’s penalty area on the lawn in the initial phase.



… at Green’s execution, which sails in the direction of the penalty spot, the addressed Griesbeck does not come close. The Hessians can clarify in the second attempt.



Leweling forces a first corner kick out after a 20-meter solo over the half-right side against N’Dicka …



Hrgota hits a first somewhat dangerous flank from the deep left flank into the opposing penalty area. Itten and Co. are not able to reach the ball on the edge of the five.



The Franks start with high possession values. So far, however, their actions have taken place almost exclusively in their own half. The SGE starts the evening cautiously.



Fürth versus Frankfurt – passage one in the Ronhof is open!


A few moments ago, 22 leading actors stepped onto the lawn.


In the case of the Hessians, who won 3-2 in the last competitive match comparison with the clover leaf in the 2012/2013 Bundesliga season eight and a half years ago and who last only won one of their first eleven Bundesliga games 38 years ago, coach Oliver Glasner makes it after the 2nd : 1 away win at Olympiacos four times by. Hinteregger, Durm, Kostić and Lindstrøm take the places of Chandler, Hasebe, Lammers (all on the bench) and Barkok (not in the squad).


On the side of the Franks, who set the negative record for 1. FC Saarbrücken from the 1963/1964 premier season with just one point after ten match days and who conceded 27 goals, by far the worst defensive department of the national football upper house, coach Stefan Leitl After the 1: 3 away defeat at SC Freiburg, two personnel changes were made. Instead of Asta (bench) and Viergever (ankle injury), Meyerhöfer and Christiansen start.


The SG Eintracht Frankfurt is surprisingly stuck in the lower table, only has a meager nine points on the account. In her last two competitive games, however, her last-minute goals gave her significant moments of success for morale: Before they made a big step towards the knockout phase in the Europa League with a 2-1 away win at Olympiacos Piraeus, they had RB Leipzig In the Bundesliga, a goal from Tutas wrested a 1: 1 deep in stoppage time and thus prevented at least the third bankruptcy in a row.


Since yesterday, SpVgg Greuther Fürth is the only team in German professional football that is still without a win this season. The shamrock seems to lose touch with the rest of the basement clubs in the Bundesliga very early on, and is already seven points behind the table penultimate DSC Arminia Bielefeld. Last Saturday, the promoted team lost 1: 3 away to SC Freiburg.


A warm welcome to the final game of the Bundesliga Sunday! The SpVgg Greuther Fürth welcomes SG Eintracht Frankfurt on matchday 11. From 7:30 p.m., Franconia and Hesse face each other on the lawn of the Ronhof sports park.

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