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Live ticker AC Milan – Inter Milan (Serie A 2021/2022, 12th matchday)



Half-time conclusion
An electrifying Milan derby goes into the break with a 1-1 draw.



Official injury time (minutes): 1



And less than a minute later, Martínez has the lead on his feet. Darmian lays a Perišić cross from the left at the second post perfectly on the penalty spot, where the Argentine spins on his own axis and shoots past the left with a wafer-thin twist.



That has to be 2: 1! The first really well played attack by Inter almost leads to success! Bastoni prevails on the left in the penalty area to the baseline and lays the perfect back space to Barella – but Ballo-Touré saves his already beaten keeper on the line and clears the low shot from the danger zone.



The two old stars on the respective sides are not in the match at all – neither Ibrahimović nor Džeko have made an impression so far.



The two old stars on the respective sides are not in the match at all – neither Ibrahimović nor Džeko have made an impression so far.



Tomori and Brozović slide behind the ball on the baseline – the round hits neither of the two and so it rolled out – but the Englishman is hit by the Croatian and holds his arm, but can continue shortly afterwards.



Rafael Leão creates a lot of space on the left in the penalty area, Inter are too far away, but the Portuguese takes too much time. The angle becomes more and more acute and so he shoots Handanovič precisely at the body – he can only clap, but the AC player hits the ricochet in the Milanese night sky.



But it continues with an AC free kick and then the fouled comes back. The standard from the right half field brings nothing.



After a little skirmish with Çalhanoğlu, Calabria lies on the ground and holds her face. He has to be treated on the grass and then Milan is only ten at first.



Tonali simply fires a torch in the direction of Handanovič from 25 meters, but the leather bangs clearly over the case.



The Romanian goalkeeper is back, this time against a Perišić corner from the right and immediately initiates the counterattack – but Kessié is on his own and has to break off at the center line.



Lautaro Martinez

Penalty missed by Lautaro Martínez, Inter

What doesn’t this game have to offer? Martínez shoots from his point of view in the left corner and he is anything but badly placed – but Tătăruşanu dives like a cat and saves the shot with his right paw.



Fodé Ballo-Touré

Yellow card for Fodé Ballo-Touré (AC Milan)

In the turmoil around the referee after his whistle, Ballo-Touré still receives the yellow card.



Next 911 for Inter! Tomori loses sight of Darmian, who makes it smart, crosses his path with the ball, pulls into the penalty area and forces the foul – Tomori wants to make up for his mistake, but hits the Inter player clearly on the foot and causes the next penalty kick.



Both teams do not exert enormous pressure on their opponents, but Milan is a few meters higher than the “guest”. Handanovič has to keep hitting the long ball.



Halfway through the first half, there is a little rest period for the first time, because Milan keeps the ball in their own ranks for a long time and Inter watch the whole thing calmly from a distance.



Inter must first free themselves a little and take the wind out of the sails of their city rivals. The compensation is well deserved after a good 20 minutes.



At least now is the mood in San Siro! Milan fights their way back and is now taking control of the game more and more. The possession of the ball also confirms it: 60:40 for the Rossoneri.



Stefan de Vrij

Goal for AC Milan, 1-1 through Stefan de Vrij (own goal)

Tonali is the man for the dormant balls – and he proves it impressively in this scene! From the left half-field, he hits the free-kick softly to the five, where Tomori rises and cheers after the impact in the net. But it is de Vrij who puts the header into his own goal and gives his keeper no chance to defend himself.



Rafael Leão is given way too much space and fires a first warning shot at Handanovič from 18 meters, but the guest keeper is on the post and holds the forceful shot safely.



There is no direct Milan reaction. The goal was not in sight, but Inter were the more active team in the opening minutes, that can be said.



The fact that Çalhanoğlu of all people scores the goal is of course also explosive – the goal scorer insists on making a gesture in the direction of the home block.



Hakan Calhanoglu

Goal for Inter, 0: 1 by Hakan Çalhanoğlu

Çalhanoğlu hits the heart of his former employer! Tătăruşanu jumps to the right, the shot cracks slightly to the left of the center into the net.



It remains. The finger points in the direction of the point!



The penalty kick is still being checked, but Çalhanoğlu is ready to shoot – the referee has not yet announced.



Penalty for Inter! Kessié has a fit of recklessness, dribbles into his own penalty area and is harassed by Džeko and Çalhanoğlu – he runs into the Turks and gives the city rival a present.



Both teams are still looking for their rhythm. At Inter, goalkeeper Handanovič in particular is forced to find a pass partner – but Milan delivers in front and so the goalkeeper only has the long ball.



Inter also succeeds in the first attack after winning the ball in midfield – but in the five-on-four situation Çalhanoğlu missed the play against his ex-club and messed up the pill.



The first dangerous Milan action takes place after a Krunić win! He then also brings the ball flat from the right into the penalty area, but does not have the overview and plays de Vrij exactly in the foot.



The Derby della Madonnina kicked off with a little delay.


The referee for this Milan derby is Daniele Doveri – in a few moments he will whistle the match.


The recent dominance definitely speaks for Inter. Five of the last six Serie A derbies went to the Inzaghi-Elf, only one to Milan. A year ago AC won 2-1 “away” – both goals were scored by the living legend Ibrahimović. The last duel in February, however, Inter decided clearly 3-0 for themselves. For the first time in three derbies, fans are again allowed in the stands today.


Inter, on the other hand, are “only” in the chase role this season with 24 points. The first Serie A bankruptcy was at Lazio. The other points left the Inzaghi-Elf against top-class players like Bergamo and Juve, but also on the third matchday at Sampdoria Genoa. Most recently, however, the Nerazzurri won three games in a row, two in the league and during the week in the Champions League with Sheriff Tiraspol. In order to keep up with the top duo, Inter actually almost has to win. There are currently seven points on the city rivals.


And even if the Rossoneri are in top form at the moment, they often don’t play that big a role in the Milan derby. Anything can happen in this game, the decisive factor is passion. And Milan have been warned from the last three duels with their city rivals – three times in a row they recently lost the “home” derby. Should Milan lose, it would be the Rossoneri’s first league defeat this season. Ten wins and one draw came out in the first eleven games. Only at Juve did Milan drop feathers (1: 1). After the mini mistake by leaders Napoli, the championship lead beckons with a victory.


At Inter there are only two changes after the 3-1 at Sheriff Tiraspol. Vidal and Dimarco have to move to the bench, Perišić and Çalhanoğlu are allowed to play from the start.


First of all, let’s take a look at the line-ups of both teams, starting with Coach Pioli’s team: Compared to the 1-1 draw during the week against Porto in the Champions League, the coach changes to five positions. Hernández is missing yellow-red blocked, Giroud, Saelemaekers and Bennacer sit on the bench. Romagnoli is also not in the squad. Ibrahimović returns to the center of the attack, Kjær and Ballo-Touré are seeded in the back four, Kessié and Krunić play in midfield.


One of the greatest rivalries in modern football is entering the next round. The two tenants of the San Siro will meet for the 197th time in Serie A. 37 titles connect both teams, since last season Inter has led these statistics with 19:18. The Nerazzurri are also ahead in the individual victories: 75 times the winner was Inter, 63 times AC Milan. In 58 cases the points were shared fairly. If the Rossoneri were on the Scudetto course for a long time last season, it went to their city rivals in the end, but this year too, Milan is more than just up there and is a slight favorite in this match.


Buona sera and hello to the Derby della Madonnina between AC Milan and Inter Milan. Kick-off at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is 8:45 p.m.


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