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Land-Audi duo wins trembling title: ADAC GT Masters keeps the pulse going

Land-Audi-Duo wins trembling title
ADAC GT Masters keeps the pulse going right up to the end

The season finale of the ADAC GT Masters is close to being: a tactical uncertainty is causing stress in the team of the leaders, but in the end the title is up. It was “brutally tight”, a “pure thrill”, says the new champion.

Big finale, a lot of drama and a tremendous match for the title, but in the end it was enough: Ricardo Feller and Christopher Mies (both Montaplast by Land-Motorsport) secured the German GT Championship in the final race at the Nürburgring. Defending champion Michael Ammermüller and Porsche works driver Mathieu Jaminet (both SSR Performance) got the maximum out of the last race and drove to their fourth win of the season, but in the end tenth place was enough for Feller and Mies to win the title by just under four points.

“It’s a mega feeling that it worked,” revealed champion Christopher Mies. “The race was pure thrill. It was brutally close from the start, but it was enough in the end. It was very emotional today.” The lead that the duo had brought with them to the last station of the series was almost lost due to a tactical mistake, which was decisive for the championship. “The pulse only got really high in the last 20 minutes, when I was standing at the pits and watching everything,” said Mies. Mies had confidently kept the duo out of the worst dangers and placed them safely in the top 10. Due to an unfortunate strategy during the pit stop, the duo with Feller at the wheel fell back to twelfth place. Elimination would have meant the end of the title dreams, 14th place or worse as well.

“When it comes to fights, that’s what I love. Usually I’m right in the middle of it and stick to it. But today, of course, I had to withdraw, which I did,” said Feller, describing the complicated situation on the way through the last one Race segment. In the end, it was enough for tenth place and thus for the title. “When I was driving Formula 4, I watched the GT Masters races. I thought to myself: ‘To be in the field one day, that would be a dream.’ A year later I went there myself and it was super cool. ” For Mies it was the second championship title after 2016, for Feller the first ever.

At the season finale, the Montaplast by Land-Motorsport racing team not only won the driver’s title, but also the team championship and, with Feller, the Pirelli Junior classification for young drivers. “It’s hard to put this weekend into words,” said team manager Christian Land. “I’m incredibly proud of the entire crew. We were a tight-knit team that pulled together for the whole year. What we achieved for the second time today is unbelievable. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.”

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