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Eintracht Frankfurt: Comeback impressed coach Oliver Glasner

Oliver Glasner was visibly impressed by the comeback qualities of his team at the 2-1 win in Fürth. The playful performance of the Frankfurters still offered a lot of room for improvement. The trainer expects “clear steps” – but soon he sees a problem.

Coach Oliver Glasner welcomes his match winner Rafael Borré.

Coach Oliver Glasner welcomes his match winner Rafael Borré.

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You’d think that Eintracht likes to make things exciting at the moment. The last minute hits are not a conscious means, Glasner had to admit after the dramatic final phase in Fürth. “But it shows that the team is 100 percent intact, that we never give up and always believe in ourselves, even if everything doesn’t go perfectly,” said the 47-year-old at DAZN. In the third game in a row, his team scored after the regular 90 minutes, like last weekend in a 1-1 draw against Leipzig and a 2-1 win in Piraeus during the week.

“Really messed up first half”

In the first 45 minutes, however, the Austrian should have been close to despair. Frankfurt wasn’t involved at all and was lucky that Fürth didn’t care about the superiority. “I can only give the team a huge compliment for how they fought and came back after this really messed up first half,” said Glasner, focusing on the positive aspect.

Especially since after Sebastian Rode’s opening goal it looked for a long time as if the offered performance would also be enough to three points – if it hadn’t been for the lucky punch of Fürth in the second minute of stoppage time. But Rafael Borré put the dramatic final phase on top with the goal to make it 2-1. “I say: 99 out of 100 teams do not recover from this blow in the neck. But the boys continue to play forward and then Ndicka, as the left-hand player in the back three, gets the assist, which shows the will with which the boys go to work and therefore I am very proud of her. ”

“… then I expect clear steps forward”

Week after week, however, Eintracht can hardly rely on such comeback qualities. Glasner knows that things have to go uphill in a playful way. “There are very, very small steps that we can only take. Of course we want to be better in many areas, but at the moment that is not possible because of the tight schedule,” said the coach, looking back at the eight games that were played within four of the international break Waiting weeks for the Hessians. “But I am absolutely convinced that the basis, this solidarity, this mentality will bring us a few more points before winter.”

Beyond the Christmas days with a view to the second half of the season, Glasner formulates the claims clearly: “Then we have a few weeks in which we can train together. Then I expect from us, and especially from myself, that we take significant steps forward . ”

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