Monday, November 29

Derby: FCK in high spirits – police report fan attacks

At 1. FC Kaiserslautern there is a great mood after the victory in the Saar-Palatinate duel. The Palatinate pull past 1. FC Saarbrücken. Unfortunately, there was also a lot going on between the fans away from the Ludwigspark Stadium on Derby Saturday.

Outside, the police fought with the baton to create a peaceful atmosphere, in the Ludwigspark Stadium, which was sold out with 15,544 fans, this time only 1. FC Kaiserslautern cheered. While the Palatinate team celebrated for minutes with the 2000 fans after the 2-0 derby win in the 3rd division, the pros of 1. FC Saarbrücken had to endure a loud whistling concert from their own supporters. In the 90 minutes before, the Saarlanders had shown an overall poor performance and were only able to create some clear scoring chances in the last quarter of an hour of the game. There it was in Ludwigspark with goals from Boris Tomiak in the 32nd minute and Kenny Prince Redondo (67th) but already 0: 2.

Throwing bottles and firecrackers: heated mood

But in addition to a lot of football, there was also trouble again from the rival fan groups, as the police reported. According to the police, several officers were slightly injured by throwing bottles and a police dog was slightly injured by a firecracker. Overall, the mood was already heated before the game in Saarbrücken. The groups could only be separated from one another by a massive contingent. Finally, there were bottles and firecrackers thrown against the emergency services. A meeting of the two fan groups had been prevented. Fans were pushed towards the stadium. “The baton had to be used,” it said.

The police reported attacks after the derby between Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken.

imago / Jan Huebner

Antwerp: “There is no ballast”

In terms of sport, the guests in particular were satisfied with the game. Kaiserslautern’s coach Marco Antwerpen was in a better mood after the game that had his team firmly under control for long stretches: “We are very satisfied and happy with the derby victory. A lot of ballast is lost. We are very happy to take the three points with us”, explained the 50-year-old. He analyzed the game like this: “We showed for 80 minutes that we were the better team, kept Saarbrücken far away from our goal and set our own offensives. We were still active after the lead and thus pulled Saarbrücken’s teeth.”

Redondo: “There is nothing better!”

Antwerp had shown a golden hand in the 66th minute when he came on for Redondo for the ailing Daniel Hanslik. The joker stung, Redondo only needed a few seconds to decide the game in favor of the Red Devils. The scorer to make it 2-0 was downright euphoric about the derby victory: “There’s nothing better than that! After my goal, I turned back to cheer right before the corner. It was a very nice feeling after the game too to celebrate the fans, “said Redondo.

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