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Live ticker Novak Djokovic – Hubert Hurkacz (Rolex Paris Masters 2021, semi-finals)


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 3:0

Again, it is the forehand that Hurkacz easily forgives. There are now seven “Unforced Errors” for him, as many as in the entire first sentence.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 3:0

Djokovic unpacks a very strong angle with his forehand and sends the 24-year-old far out of the field. Hurkacz still runs the ball, but cannot bring the ball back into the field.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 3:0

Djokovic was now a little lucky. The line referee calls the ball but is overruled directly by the chair referee. With the next strong serve, Novak Djokovic quickly takes the lead 3-0 in the second set.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 2:0

The number one in the world chooses the serve to the outside on Hurkacz’s forehand. This distorts the return directly. After that, Djokovic decides for the kick serve for the first time and is also successful with it. He can pull his forehand on the return of the Pole to the longline winner.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 2:0

Djokovic now plays a very clear tactic. He is increasingly on the forehand of Hurkacz and is successful with it. So also with breakball. He pegs the 24-year-old in the forehand corner until he can no longer avoid the mistake. There is the break for Djokovic!


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 1:0

The Pole has to go over the second serve, but does not get the return of the Djoker knocked out. The result is a rally where nobody really wants to increase the pressure. In the end, however, Hurkacz puts his forehand into the net. Breakball Djokovic!


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 1:0

Hurkacz serves strongly through the middle and gives Djokovic no chance for a controlled return. The next rally is a whopping 19 strokes and goes through the middle to Djokovic after a backhand error. 30:30


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 1:0

The forehand doesn’t want to be like Djokovic’s today. He’s too far away again and can’t get through the ball properly. This causes the ball to fall into double field.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6, 1:0

Novak Djokovic opens the second set. He apparently put away the loss of the set well and puts in a tweener insert at 40: 0. The blow is not enough to win the point, but the following backhand error by Hurkacz is.


Conclusion sentence one

Both players played an even set over long stretches. There are seven “Unforced Errors” on both sides. The forced mistakes crept in at Djoker only at a bad time. You should certainly not copy the Serbs in the second sentence.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:6

The ace number five goes to the outside and Hubi Hurkacz secures the set ball. Again the serve is powerful and Djokovic’s return flies behind the baseline. So the sentence goes to the 24-year-old!


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:5

Even now the Pole is doing it cleverly. Djokovic is back in front of the net and Hurkacz decides against the pass, but pulls his forehand through the middle. Djokovic holds out the bat and rolls the ball into the net.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:5

Hurkacz continues to play courageously and is rewarded. Djokovic puts his volley in the net.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:5

The service game is just as competitive as it was before. Djokovic attacks the second serve immediately and can make the point at 30:30. He gets the chance for the direct re-break.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:5

Suddenly Hubert Hurkacz served to win the set. From the last 14 points ten points went to the account of the Pole.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:5

He does it! Hurkacz plays strong baseline strokes and advances at the right time. He then correctly stops shortly after the T-line and takes Djokovic overhead with the backhand volley. Played really strong! It can go that fast.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:4

The ace follows, but immediately afterwards the double fault. That means break opportunity for Hubert Hurkacz!


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:4

And another mistake. With Djokovic, the distance to the ball is just not right and the forehand goes away to the side again. Could there be a break chance this time?


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:4

That was rather an unusual mistake. Djokovic puts his forehand longline sideways without need.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:4

That was a quick service game from Hubert Hurkacz. Although he puts a forehand through the middle into the net, his plan works well beyond that. He pulls his forehand cross and catches Djokovic on the wrong foot. So far not much is going on for the return players.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 3:3

Perfectly prepared by Djokovic. He brings Hurkacz forward with a forehand slice volley and sends him far out of the field. In the end, Nole only has to lift the ball into the empty field and win his serve to zero.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 2:3

The return from Hurkacz was really strong on Djokovic’s backhand. He responds with his backhand cross with a perfect length and the pole becomes too short. Djokovic thanks and turns his forehand into a longline winner.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 2:3

The next four points in a row then go to Hurkacz and he can fight his way back impressively. Meanwhile, the number ten in the world has already hit three aces.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 2:2

Now it’s getting tricky for the 24-year-old for the first time. He has to go through the second serve and has not yet been able to score a point. So he is quickly behind with 0:30.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 2:2

Well kept up by Hurkacz. He goes with the pace and stands up to the Serb. In the end, however, the forehand becomes a bit too long through the middle and Djokovic can hold his service game.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 1:2

Hurkacz moves consistently to the net and plays the forehand cross volley too well. He also scores the next point with a strong forehand volley, which comes up just behind the net. Djokovic runs the ball, but can no longer do anything with it.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 1:1

The Pole made the first double mistake of the game. Afterwards he cannot use the Djoker’s return and puts the ball into the net.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 1:1

The next two serves bring Djokovic strongly into the field and Hurkacz’s returns do not find their way to the opposite field.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 0:1

Snappy forehand slice from Djokovic! He changes to the longline side and brings Hurkacz down to his knees. The yellow felt ball no longer gets the necessary height and ends up in the net.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 0:1

Djokovic plays one of his famous stops, but that’s not enough against the nimble Pole. He runs the ball and can briefly drop it cross past the Serbian.


Djokovic – Hurkacz 0:1

Hubert Hurkacz comes into the game well and can already claim the first ace for himself. To 15 he secures the game win.


coin toss

Hubert Hurkacz decides the coin toss and will open the match.


Head 2 Head

In a direct duel, both players faced each other only twice. Both games took place at Grand Slams in 2019. The Djoker had the upper hand in Roland Garros and Wimbledon against the aspiring Hurkacz. So today is the premiere on hard court. Even if Hurkacz is playing an outstanding season, Djokovic goes into the game as number one in the world as the clear favorite. In addition, he is playing his 71st semi-final in a master’s tournament and continues to write history.


Freshly baked Turin finalist

Opposite Novak Djokovic is the Pole Hubert Hurkcz, who booked the last ticket for the ATP Finals in Turin with yesterday’s victory over James Duckworth. Inspired by this, he should be able to play completely freely today. Hubert Hurkacz is number ten in the world and is playing the best year of his career. The 24-year-old won three of his four titles this year, including the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami. So Hurkacz knows how to do it and wants to defeat Djokovic for the first time in his career today.


Number one in the world

All eyes are again on the current number one in the world. He wants to shine again at the penultimate highlight of the long season and consolidate his world ranking position. Hot on his heels is Daniil Medvedev, who will then play the second semifinals. Djokovic has not had to give him so much strength so far. In the first round, the Serb benefited from a bye. Then Filip Krajinovic waited, against whom the start was a bit bumpy. Subsequently, Gael Monfils had to pull out before the match due to an injury and so Djokovic was only able to show what he is capable of against Taylor Fritz in the quarter-finals.



Hello and welcome to the semi-finals in Paris. In the first individual match, Hubert Hurkacz and Novak Djokovic meet on the center court. It starts at 2 p.m.!


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