Monday, December 6

Freiburg’s series torn: no points, but praise from the opponent

SC Freiburg is only barely defeated by FC Bayern Munich and shows why they are up there after eleven match days. But coach Christian Streich doesn’t want to know anything about euphoric season forecasts or even the Champions League.

He would have made a happier face, said Christian Streich after the 2-1 defeat at Bayern Munich, if his team had managed to equalize. But as it was, he analyzed soberly: “I was rarely happy when we lost.” His team succeeded in something that other, much higher-traded teams such as RB Leipzig (1: 4 defeat against Bayern) or Bayer 04 Leverkusen (1: 5) failed: to stand up to the record champions. The Freiburg team proved in Munich that it is no coincidence that they are in third place in the table after eleven match days. And at the press conference after the game, Streich once again showed what makes Freiburg apart from passionate football: namely, down-to-earthness.

Prank: “A certain quality”

His team had a “certain stability” and a “certain quality”, said Streich, almost unimpressed by the remarkable start of the season: Freiburg was unbeaten until the 2-1 defeat against Bayern – the only team in the league. A journalist would like to know where this could lead this season. Streich’s answer: “Zero point zero, I deal with any kind of forecast or other stuff.” And: “The important thing is that we have a lot of players who have been with us for many years, who have walked through valleys where it was difficult, and who have continuously developed very well. That is the measure of all things. Everything else is uninteresting. ”

Praise from FC Bayern

Bayern had to invest everything in order to inflict the first defeat of the season on third in the table from Breisgau. National player Leon Goretzka (30th minute) and striker Robert Lewandowski (75th) scored with his 13th goal of the season in the Allianz Arena, which was filled with 75,000 spectators for the first time in a year and a half, against the best defense in the league. “We played against a good team,” said Goretzka. Substitute Janik Haberer shortened stoppage time for the guests. “I’m happy that the goal came so late,” said Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, relieved.

Prank satisfied with his team

The 56-year-old prank directed his eleven in his 300th Bundesliga game permanently on the edge of the field, but also raged several times after sloppy deals and the last passes of his players. “We missed the last precision,” he complained. Nevertheless, he was “satisfied” with the performance of his team. “We can’t do more than we’ve done.” The best defense in the league (Freiburg) made it difficult for the most scoring offensive (Bavaria) to create opportunities. And towards the end, the Freiburg team became really dangerous again. It was a bit of a shame that the goal didn’t come a few minutes earlier. Otherwise, according to Streich, the compensation might even have been achieved.

Just no pressure

Before the game against Bayern, Streich was asked about the Champions League. But he doesn’t want to know anything about it, not even after the good performance in Munich. “The important thing is that I keep that away from the team and don’t let myself be put under pressure and neither do the players, because we’ve done very well in Freiburg for almost decades.”

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