Tuesday, November 30

Bayern versus Freiburg: best attack against best defense

It is the top game on Saturday in the Bundesliga. Front-runner FC Bayern Munich welcomes third-placed SC Freiburg. The best offensive of the season meets the best defensive. Who will prevail?

Bayern scored 38 goals in the first ten match days. That is a Bundesliga record. On the other hand, Freiburg have the most stable defense in the league at the moment, which has only allowed seven hits.

These dry numbers will be filled with life on Saturday from 3:30 p.m. in the top match between FC Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg.

SC trainer Christian Streich describes the atmosphere in the team as “like usual when you have a good phase”. So no other form of tension, instead a lot of anticipation. “I’ve been playing football for 50 years and Bayern have always been the measure of all things.”

As a child, he watched the club become European champions three times in a row. “Those were high points when you saw a game like this on your father’s lap when you were eight or nine years old. Those were our absolute heroes: Gerd Müller, Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, Bulle Roth. Bayern Munich has been there my whole life. Fighting and playing against Bayern is something wonderful. We’ll do everything we can to stand up to them. “

Nico Schlotterbeck versus Robert Lewandowski

U21 European champion Nico Schlotterbeck is also part of the remarkably stable defense. He could be given the task of keeping star striker Robert Lewandowski (12 Bundesliga goals this season) at bay against Bayern. Against another top striker in the league, Erling Haaland, he did well on the second match day. Haaland did not score in the 2-1 home win against BVB.


At SC Freiburg, Nico Schlotterbeck is considered a tower in many a defensive battle. The central defender had to make a long run-up to finally take off.

In an interview with SWR Sport, Schlotterbeck said he thinks the duel with Lewandowski will feel similar to that against Haaland. He has already spoken to his brother, who has already had a few duels against Lewandowski and just hope that Lewandowski doesn’t score as often as usual.

Freiburg’s Höler against Upamecano

On the other side of the football field, Freiburg striker Lucas Höler (three goals so far) is looking forward to the duel with FCB defender Dayot Upamecano. “He is a defense monster,” said the Freiburg native of the “Abendzeitung” in Munich. The Frenchman is an extremely strong two-fighter with a very robust body. “If you don’t go in there one hundred percent and concentrate, you have no chance against him,” explained Höler.

It is noticeable that Bayern conceded more goals than before, said Höler, referring to the nine goals conceded in the last three FCB competitive games. “We’re trying to take our chance and score one goal or the other on Saturday.” And maybe one of the goalscorer’s name is Lucas Höler, that wouldn’t be surprising, the Freiburg native didn’t score any more goals against any other club in his Bundesliga career – namely three in seven games.

Prank’s secret plan

When asked about the possible game system against Bayern, Streich did not go into detail at the press conference before the game. “I don’t want to reveal it yet.”

There are arguments for the back three and some for the back four. It was a tricky decision, especially since the Bavarians repeatedly varied their basic order in nuances. The challenge for the SC is then to close the gaps. And so, Streich assures, the sports club will try to make life difficult for the record champions. In addition, the goal can also be changed in the game itself or after the break, such as against Leipzig, when a prank switched to a back four in the second half. And yet he sums up the matter with the game system in a pragmatic way: “You shouldn’t gossip about the system stuff so much, you should do it on the pitch in such a way that it is good.”

A coup on Saturday would mean that Freiburg would win away in the Bundesliga at Bayern for the first time. And this coup by the Breisgauer seems more likely than ever.


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