Tuesday, November 30

2nd Bundesliga: Karlsruher SC versus Hamburger SV: 1: 1, 13th matchday

Sonny Kittel moved into the penalty area from the left in the 13th minute, apparently not really taken seriously by Karlsruhe defender Marco Thiede, which turned out to be a mistake: Kittel used the space to a soulful flick into the right angle, the keeper Marius Gersbeck just looked puzzled.

Quick response from Hofmann

Karlsruhe shook itself briefly – and answered quickly. After a cross from Philip Heise, Phillip Hofmann screwed himself up, skipped Sebastian Schonlau and headed the ball into the far corner to make it 1: 1 for HSV keeper Marko Johansson.

After that, the guests wobbled worryingly. Karlsruhe made constant pressure, had great chances in series. But neither Marvin Wanitzek nor Hofmann and Jerome Gondorf brought the ball past Johansson or various Hamburg defensive legs to the goal.

Dispute between the coaches

The spectators at the Karlsruhe stadium construction site repeatedly lashed their team forward despite the fog restricted visibility, and things were emotional on the sidelines too.

After Hofmann got his arm in the face while running backwards from Kinsombi, KSC trainer Christian Eichner and his HSV colleague Tim Walter clashed with each other with a lot of words and gestures. The very confident referee Timo Gerach calmed the minds down again, during the break the two fighters clapped on the way into the cabin.

A quarter of an hour without a spectacle

In the second round, the spectacle initially decreased a little in intensity, the two teams watched each other for a quarter of an hour and waited for mistakes. The first big opportunity to take the lead was again in the 63rd minute, but he chased his volley over the goal from close range but free-standing.

After that, the hosts let themselves be pushed deeper and deeper into their own half, and suddenly there was no longer any sign of the pressure and self-confidence from the first round. But ten minutes before the end it was almost enough to score the winning goal: Wanitzek bravely pulled from a half-right position after a lightning counterattack, Johansson steered the ball with great effort and a little luck to the post.

Karlsruhe now to Ingolstadt

A Sunday game is now on the program for Karlsruher SC on November 21, 2021 from 1.30 p.m. to FC Ingolstadt. The HSV receives Jahn Regensburg from 1.30 p.m. the day before.

Stand: 06.11.2021, 22:21


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