Tuesday, November 30

The “Heraf theme” is completely faded out today

It was recently the great strength of SV Guntamatic Ried: On the playing field of the Bundesliga club, all of the side scenes were recently hidden. That should also work today (5 p.m.) at Admira. Most recently, the team of interim coach Christian Heinle came with this recipe for promotion in the ÖFB Cup against table runner-up Sturm Graz (2-1) and scored a 2-2 draw against champions Salzburg.

This is one of the reasons why all questions that arise on the “topic of Andreas Heraf” are (still) hidden today:

“When is Andreas Heraf really coming back?

“What does the future tactical direction look like after some basic virtues have recently changed?”

“How can all of this be reconciled with Heraf, who never deviates from his principles – and who has had a lot of success in Ried as well?”

All of these answers have to be found in order to make further cooperation meaningful. That won’t happen until the international break, however.

The two clubs are currently tied for eight and nine in the table. Both teams recently waited in vain for league wins. Admira only got one point from the last two games.

Last league win at the end of August

SV Ried has been waiting for a complete success since the 1-0 derby win against LASK at the end of August. Then you got two points from three games with Andreas Heraf. Christian Heinle got two points in four games. Away from home they are still without a win this season. “We will play bravely forwards, but at the same time have to be careful in the rest of the defense. Nobody should believe that we have to take one step less than against Salzburg,” said Ried coach Christian Heinle. The Innviertel team looked good yesterday. Only Michael Lercher should be missing today. Seifedin Chabbi could slip into the starting eleven.


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