Monday, November 29

Star quarterback Rodgers defends waiver of vaccination

The 37-year-old protested on the SiriusXM radio station that he was not a vaccine opponent or lateral thinker. “I have an allergy to an active ingredient in the mRNA vaccines”the footballer explained to the Green Bay Packers. But he found a way to immunize himself in the long term. “I am very proud of the research that has gone into it”said Rodgers.

The playmaker is available according to the Packers, where also the German-American Equanimeous St. Brown is in the squad, on the NFL’s Corona list and falls for the game against Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday off. He had tested positive for the virus on Wednesday. He felt bad on Thursday, but much better on Friday, said the NFL veteran.

Several cases with the Packers

He also used the alternative treatment methods against Corona because he was concerned about his fertility in the event of a vaccination. However, studies have so far not found any impact on fertility from mRNA vaccines.

Both Packers Corona cases had recently accumulated. The NFL is therefore checking the team’s compliance with the corona rules.

Stand: 05.11.2021, 20:40

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