Monday, November 29

Lindström and Hauge’s coproduction silences the cauldron

There are no easy weeks behind Jesper Lindström and Jens Petter Hauge. On the 8th matchday, the two newcomers showed an indisputable performance against Hertha BSC (1: 2) – and were exposed to clear media criticism. The co-production of the 2-1 winner in Piraeus could give them new confidence.

Jesper Lindström served Jens Petter Hauge (re.).

Jesper Lindström served Jens Petter Hauge (re.).

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Julian Franzke reports from Piraeus

Stoppage time was already running when the most spectacular and beautiful scene of the entire 90 minutes took place. It was an expression of sheer willpower when Evan Ndicka Olympiakos defender Kenny Lala stole the ball, kicked it off and ran after losing his left shoe. With his weaker right foot, he played a perfectly timed pass to Lindström, who was about to take off and served the goal scorer Hauge, who came in in the middle. “I’m happy for Jesper and Jens Petter, who did not have such an easy phase,” emphasizes coach Oliver Glasner and reveals: “Two or three minutes beforehand I told them during an interruption: guys, you still get your chance. They invest a lot a lot for the team, and then you’ll be rewarded for that too. ”

Lindström had already taken the penalty to make it 1-0 in the 90th minute in Antwerp; the two assists gave Eintracht four points in the Europa League – and with it the early wintering in this competition. With a win in the home game against Antwerp, the Hessians could make the group win clear, which would skip the second round and go straight to the second round.

“We are very happy that we won against a really good team in the Hexenkessel and that we achieved our first goal – to spend the winter in the Europa League – so early,” said Glasner, who was clearly relieved. “I’m incredibly proud of the team. Olympiakos have lost two games this season, twice against us. We mobilized all our strength,” the coach sums up. That must now also succeed on Sunday when the table is bottom of the table in Fürth in order to go into the international break with a good feeling. Winning goal scorer Hauge demands: “We have to take the self-confidence with us, show a good performance and take three points with us.”

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