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Freiburg’s Nils Petersen: “Bavaria was an amazing experience for me”

On Saturday (3:30 p.m.), the still unbeaten SC Freiburg challenged the champions and leaders FC Bayern Munich in the top game in the Bundesliga. Before the game, SWR Sport spoke to SC striker Nils Petersen, who also played for FC Bayern ten years ago.

Nils Petersen, what is more fun to score goals for FC Bayern or SC Freiburg?

I was allowed to wear both jerseys, one of which I’m still currently wearing. But goals for SC Freiburg are more fun because it’s rarer than a Bayern goal, of course.

Ten years ago you were under contract with FC Bayern and scored two goals in nine Bundesliga games. Your first Bundesliga ever was among them, do you remember …?

Yes, I’ve been asked about it many times. You don’t have a good memory in Freiburg …

At that time you won 7-0 with Bayern against SC Freiburg, you scored the last goal yourself. How well can you remember that Tor premiere?

The memories are becoming more and more blurred, it was a while ago. I can still remember the creation of the gate because it was something special back then.

How defining was that time, this one season with the German record champions FC Bayern, with greats like Franck Ribery?

I have never seen myself in these spheres in my life that I could ever get there. A good second division season got me there, it was an amazing experience to work and train with the best in Europe and around the world. That made me a decent Bundesliga striker today. It wasn’t enough to get to the top, but I was able to sniff at the top and even score goals, that was nice.

Nils Petersen 2010 in the jersey of FC Bayern Munich


You have now been in Freiburg for almost seven years, and now the undefeated third-placed SC Freiburg is challenging the leaders Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, without you because of an injury, how does it hurt?

It’s really painful. I always like to go to Munich, you have nothing to lose there, you can just win. Especially with the starting situation as a top game. How often does it happen that SC Freiburg has a top game? We have now worked hard for this over the past few weeks, months and years. And now we are in a really good position and we are happy that we are allowed to go to Munich as an undefeated underdog, and that on the big stage.

Freiburg to the top game in Munich, really a very rare constellation. All of football Germany is puzzling as to how this is possible. What’s your answer to this question?

Yes, it is really very surprising. It’s not like we stand up now and say, ‘Yeah, we knew that’, but I’m not surprised because we’ve been performing very well for weeks and months. But the fact that we are now ten games unbeaten, even though we have already played Leipzig or Dortmund behind us, is extremely surprising and makes us incredibly proud. Now it’s such a series that we don’t want to give it up. But now we have to go to Munich, there is the highest probability that the series will break. But we hope that we can cause a surprise and a sensation there too. And that’s why it would of course be cool if we could scratch a point there too.

In May 2015 there was the last Freiburg win at home against FC Bayern. Your winning goal to 2-1 in the penultimate minute. How does the memory bloom there?

Yeah, you don’t forget that. A winning goal against Bayern is something you don’t do that often in your career. That is a very special memory, even if we stayed a week later. That was a tough story too. There is always something special to score against Bayern, of course.

Unfortunately, the injured super joker Nils Petersen is missing in Munich this Saturday. For how much longer? And does it work without you?

I hope it will be back in the squad in the foreseeable future. But at the moment I really have to admit, as difficult as it is sometimes that the guys get along well without me. I’m really happy that the guys take care of one or the other injured person. It makes recovery more relaxed when you know that the boys don’t need me right now and that they can get by without me.

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