Monday, November 29

Chess: Vincent Keymer youngest number one

The high school graduate from Saulheim in Rhineland-Hesse increased his world ranking to 2654 Elo points with his win against top Czech player David Navara in the ninth round of the World Cup elimination in Riga.

Just behind Caruana and Co.

Keymer now has three more Elo points than Dieter Nisipeanu and Matthias Blübaum. With 5.5 points from nine games, Keymer is only half a point behind the three leading Alireza Firouzja (France), Fabiano Caruana (USA) and David Howell (England) with two rounds to go.

In the women’s World Cup elimination, which was held at the same time, Elisabeth Pähtz finished second with six points. She still has a good chance of securing one of two places in the World Cup candidates tournament.

Stand: 05.11.2021, 19:16

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