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The 4th preliminary round with Noppinger, Edelmann, Sprenger, Djulabic & Co.!

The fight for the semifinals at Ninja Warrior Germany continues: On November 5th, the fourth preliminary round will not only start at 8:15 p.m. RTL and TVNOW, but also in First of all, we take a look at the participants and the course in the fourth show.

The twelve best ninjas of each preliminary round make it to the semi-finals. If there is no woman among them, the two best athletes will also advance via the women rule.

There will be a change in the moderation team on Friday: Frank Buschmann and Laura Wontorra, who will represent Jan Köppen at the moderation desk and who will also conduct their interviews from this position, will moderate the show. Jan Köppen had to sit out of this preliminary round due to illness.

On the course, the eyes in this show are mainly focused on the turntable, which is the number one fear barrier for many ninjas and caused beads of sweat in the first preliminary round. Kevin Meyer (30) has therefore devised a precise strategy for the turntable: “Press feet and hands so massively against the disc that I cannot fall out.

Although Kevin is already participating with the Allstars for the fourth time, the firefighter does not see himself as a typical ninja athlete: “I don’t train a ninja privately – it’s a new challenge for me every time. To prepare, push-ups are enough.”

The opposite is true for one of the power couples in ninja sport: Oliver Edelmann (27) und “Last Woman Standing” Stefanie Noppinger (28). The two have been engaged since their birthday, Oli asked for her hand: “She is the woman of my life and everyone should know!” Steffi adds: “Since he proposed to me, I’ve been even more inspired than usual!”

Now the wedding is planned, but before that there is the course and another decision: wall or mega wall? Steffi is certain: “In any case the normal wall, the obstacle is not my greatest strength.” Oli, on the other hand, says: “My focus is on the mega wall, not on the Power Tower. But I would take that too if I am fast enough.”

They recently demonstrated in the final of Ninja Warrior Austria that the two of them are among the absolute top ninjas on the course. Steffi was not only able to defend her title of “Last Woman Standing”, but was also the first woman in Europe to buzz in Final Stage 1. Her future husband was also one of the only four ninjas who were able to complete the entire first final course.

Even Gero Wurm (28) is one of the NWG Rountiniers, he is there for the fourth time. The hairdresser and fishing teacher, together with his father-in-law Angelo, will soon also be combining work and sport: In 2023 they want to open a ninja hall in which not only can training be carried out, but which also integrates Gero’s fishing courses and her hairdressing salon: “Then we can only get out if we take part in the show,” guesses Gero with a laugh. His goal in the preliminary round: buzz and off to the power tower. “Buzzers are always mega – an indescribable feeling!”, He says.

Climbing elite at the start

Max Sprenger (26) and Moritz Schnippe (23) have been best friends for more than ten years. They got to know each other through climbing and have been doing a lot together since then. It was also Max, who has been one of the best athletes since the beginning of Ninja, who sparked Moritz’s interest in Ninja Warrior. But Moritz, who plays football as a wide receiver for the Cologne Centurions, first had to change his training. He says: “In football it depends on quantity, in ninja may not weigh that much!” Will the friends both advance to the semi-finals?

Ninja-Routinier Sladjan Djulabic (32) is fit like never before. His motto is: “You cannot lose. Every obstacle is a small victory of its own!” Sladi achieved his greatest success so far with the Allstars in the spring when he finished second. Now his destination is Mount Midoriyama. “I trained the mount quite often with Benni and Arleen in Aachen and I have all the other obstacles on it too. I would even have been looking forward to a swing, because I trained that myself in Koblenz,” he emphasizes. Background: In the last regular season, Sladi was eliminated at the second obstacle because of the swing.

By far the oldest athlete of all previous relays will also be there on Friday: Günter portals starts at the age of 71 and wants to show that the course has no age.

Those are the obstacles

The first obstacle of the evening is the four jump that leads to the dreaded turntable. With the chaos balls, there then follows a balance obstacle, which is just as unpopular with many ninjas. Via the tunnel jump 2.0 with a ring slide it goes to the plank corridor.

With the sky ladder, a classic of ninja sport follows in this preliminary round, before a completely new obstacle celebrates its debut: the corkscrew is the last obstacle before the wall or the mega wall. Whoever conquers the latter secures 2,000 euros and participation in the semi-finals.

At the end of each preliminary round, the four best ninjas also fight in two duels at the Power Tower. Whoever wins receives 5,000 euros and moves into a third duel. Whoever wins there goes straight to the final and can enjoy the course in the semifinals without any pressure.

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