Monday, December 6

Modern pentathlon: Riding should be replaced after the Olympics in 2024

This was decided by the world association UIPM at a meeting of its board of directors in Monaco on Thursday (November 4th, 2021). Which discipline is added for this is still to be decided. Reports that the new discipline came from cycling were not confirmed. However, changes are not expected to come into force until the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

In addition to riding, the disciplines include fencing and swimming as well as a combined competition of running and shooting with a laser pistol.

World association wants to “increase popularity and credibility”

A consultation process was started to find a successor, it said. The UIPM board had previously agreed on October 31st the recommendation of an innovation commission to replace riding with another discipline “in order to increase the popularity and credibility of the modern pentathlon”.

At the same time, the status of sport “as the ultimate physical and mental sporting challenge” should be preserved.

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