Monday, November 29

Difficult game: Corona warning level in popular sport

The sports clubs had just recovered from the Corona restrictions, and the warning level is already coming. SC, TSV & Co fear for members and the club atmosphere.

“We had a sensational autumn,” enthuses Benjamin Wahl, SG Schorndorf board member. “People want to do sports again. Our membership administration barely kept up with processing the new applications.” But his high spirits have given way to a November blues.

Because the warning level has been in effect in Baden-Württemberg since Wednesday and stricter requirements again for sports clubs such as SG Schorndorf. In order to attend a game or to train themselves, a quick test for the outside area and a PCR test in the hall are compulsory for unvaccinated persons. You have to pay for the tests, which cost up to 100 euros. “Let’s not kid ourselves: Nobody pays a PCR test to do sports or watch a game of badminton,” says Benjamin Wahl.

3G splits the club

He estimates that of the 4,000 Schorndorf people who do sport in the 20 departments of the SG, around 400 are not vaccinated. The new rule will put this to the test for the club. “The dispute over vaccination is now being carried into our committees and teams. The club climate is suffering from this,” says Wahl. “I don’t want to imagine what it will do to the atmosphere in a team if they can’t play because there are no unvaccinated players.” Therefore Wahl tries to talk to unvaccinated members and suggests vaccination.

Compulsory testing also in the first division

Some SG teams, for example the badminton team, play in high-class leagues in their discipline. Nevertheless, all players have amateur status. Unlike unvaccinated professionals, who are exempt from 3G due to labor law, they are required to conduct PCR testing for indoor sports. “What should we do there on game day and during training? We don’t pay for the PCR test because we want to advertise vaccinations. But we can’t tell the players: We don’t need you,” said Wahl.

5,000 euros could be missing

In addition to the sporting and interpersonal problems, the warning level endangers financial planning, as Wahl shows using the example of the fitness center that the club operates: “We had 1,100 members there before Corona. Now – after a successful open day – we’re back again 900. If we assume that about 10% of them are not vaccinated, that makes 90 unvaccinated people. Since the warning level came in, ten people have already signed up who want to suspend their membership. If all the unvaccinated people quit, more than 5,000 euros per month are missing “, robs Wahl. “And that in addition to the members and their contributions that we lost during Corona.”

Hope for political support

Despite the challenges that the Wahls SG Schorndorf is facing, he understands the measures taken by the state government. “In return, I would like politics after the pandemic to increase the importance of sport, exercise and involvement in sports clubs so that people can find their way back to the clubs,” says Wahl.

So the hope remains that the sensational autumn and a difficult winter will be followed by a sensational spring.

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