Monday, December 6

Corona alarm: SV Sandhausen reports 18 corona cases

SV Sandhausen reported 18 positive corona findings on Thursday evening. In twelve cases, players in the squad are affected.

Corona alarm at SV Sandhausen: The second division soccer team is affected by 18 positive cases in the team and their environment. All persons have gone into quarantine at home after consulting the responsible health department. The club announced this on Thursday evening.

It is unclear whether the game at leaders FC St. Pauli can take place next Sunday. According to the information in Table 15. had reported on Wednesday some professionals with cold symptoms. An extensive PCR test was then carried out. The evaluation produced positive results for twelve players and six coaches.

Mild courses thanks to vaccination protection

Thanks to the vaccination protection, there are mostly mild courses. Some people showed slight signs of a cold. “This high number of findings came as a surprise to us all. The large number of symptom-free patients can, however, be traced back to the very high vaccination status within the team as well as the coaching and support staff,” said Sandhausen’s team doctor and hygiene officer Nikolaus Streich. It was only last week that the SVS decided to use the 2G model for future home games, i.e. access only for those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated.

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