Tuesday, November 30

Anger, frustration and a “maximum bitter” evening for BVB

Immediately after the final whistle, the losers felt anger. Red-sinner Mats Hummels and coach Marco Rose talked to referee Michael Oliver with great gestures and indignation.

In the interviews following the 1: 3 (1: 0) against Ajax Amsterdam, Dortmund made no secret of their annoyance about the disputed dismissal. Defense chief Hummels spoke of an “absurd wrong decision”, coach Marco Rose felt the evening as “maximally bitter”. Director Julian Brandt looked even more depressed than after the 4-0 defeat in Amsterdam: “That hurts more than it did two weeks ago. Eleven we would have won the game.”

When trying to return the favor for the highest Champions League defeat in the club’s history, BVB seemed to be on the right track, but was slowed down by the English referee in the 29th minute. Because his decision to punish Hummels for the rude foul on Ajax jewel Antony with red, turned out to be wrong in the opinion of Dortmund when looking at the TV pictures.

Hummels and Rose beside themselves

The fact that a correction from the video cellar still failed to materialize and the referee also refrained from checking his decision on TV got Rose excited: “He’s such an experienced referee and has the opportunity to check out people who are in the warm sit “, complained the coach at” DAZN “. A little later he added: “If you have the opportunity to correct mistakes these days, and if that is inexplicably wasted, then it is difficult for me to understand. Then something goes wrong in football.”

Hummels was also heavily invited: “How you can come up with this idea as a referee at Champions League level. He decided the game today. I think he knows.”

The 32-year-old veteran was annoyed not only with the referee, but also with the fouled Antony. “You shouldn’t ignore the acting of my opponent. It’s grossly unsporting. He comes to me and says himself that it wasn’t a red card,” revealed the 2014 world champion. “It’s a farce, it’s ridiculous. He is a great footballer, now he still has to learn to be an athlete. “

BVB has to tremble to get ahead

The hope of a happy ending, which came up after Marco Reus’ penalty (37th) despite being outnumbered, was short-lived. Dusan Tadic (72nd), the former Frankfurt Sebastien Haller (83rd) and the former Bremer Davy Klaassen (90th + 3) took advantage of the opportunity and won the group early against the passionately fighting opponent.

In contrast, BVB now has to worry about making it into the round of 16. The fifth preliminary round match at the same point competitor Sporting Lisbon on November 24th should be decisive in the battle for second place and additional income of at least ten million euros. “It’s about the sausage, it will be a final,” said Julian Brandt.

BVB injury list is longer against Ajax

But the upcoming task in the Bundesliga is tough too. After all, BVB will be severely tested again on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) in the second of the previous Bundesliga season from Leipzig.

The fact that the already impressive list of injuries became even longer due to the replacement of Marius Wolf due to a muscle injury fit into the picture of an unhappy football evening. “At the moment we simply have too big a hospital and play almost the same team every three days,” complained Brandt, “some guys urgently need a break.”

For Rose, this is no cause for tribulation. The Leipzig-born coach hopes that his team will show a positive reaction even after the second defeat against Amsterdam: “I don’t think there’ll be a crack for us. We’ll send eleven guys out on the field in Leipzig too . “

Brandt also encouraged himself and his colleagues. “I don’t think we’re going to burn out now and have mental problems in Leipzig. We’ll be back.”


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