Monday, December 6

Vice President: Modern pentathlon in the future without riding

“Equestrian sport is an obstacle to the development of our sport, both in terms of practice and cost”, Bouzou is quoted as saying. “We started thinking about it back in 2018.” According to Bouzou, the decision has nothing to do with what happened during the Tokyo Olympics. There Annika Schleu had not been able to cope with a drawn and completely insecure horse and had desperately used a whip and spurs.

The trainer Kim Raisner had hit the horse with his fist and called out loudly: “Hit it right!” The British “Guardian” as well as the industry service “Inside the Games“reported and named cycling as a new sub-discipline.

Announcement for Thursday

The decision was made at a meeting of the UIPM umbrella organization, in which the cancellation of riding was voted on. For Thursday the UIPM announced a communication on the results of its deliberations.

Shortly after the events at the Summer Games in Tokyo, the German World Federation President Klaus Schormann had assured that “that riding is an integral part of the modern pentathlon based on the vision of Baron Pierre de Coubertin” stay.

The disciplines in modern pentathlon include horse riding, fencing and swimming as well as a combined competition of running and shooting with a laser pistol.

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