Monday, December 6

Schefold and Hanselmann win gold at the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart

Serafin Schefold and Max Hansel have secured the title at the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart. The two showed an impressive freestyle. But that wasn’t the only medal that stayed in the region.

The jersey with the chest ring in rainbow colors, two gold medals and two athletes with tears in their eyes – the home game could hardly have gone better for Serafin Schefold and Max Hanselman. The two artificial cyclists lived up to their role as favorites at the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart and secured the title in the open class on Saturday evening.

With a dominant freestyle, the team from Pfedelbach near Öhringen secured 168.21 points and a sure win. They only just missed their own world record. For the party at a distance, there was still an extra round in the Stuttgart arena.

Silver for Lara Filler

Already in the afternoon there had been goose bumps at the World Cup: Lara Füller smiled all over her face as she hugged the new world champion in single art cycling, Milena Slupina (TSV Bernlohe), after her final round. Because the 22-year-old from RKV Poppenweiler herself had World Cup silver in her pocket – and that at her first World Cup participation in Stuttgart. “I enjoyed the freestyle and had fun, that obviously worked out pretty well,” she laughed over her head.

The 22-year-old from Ludwigsburg built new elements into her program during the Corona break and submitted the second most difficult program of these title fights behind her German teammate Slupina. The World Cup debutante managed an almost flawless performance for the song “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran. Raging applause in the hall and a firm hug from national coach Dieter Maute were the reward after her excellent freestyle (182.96 points).

Slupina can’t be beat

Füller then watched the strongest performance of the day with awe. Milena Slupina (26) set a new world championship point record with 194.56 and won her third world title after 2017 and 2019. “As the defending champion, the pressure is always great – I don’t see my world title as defended but rather than won again. ” Bronze went to Alessa Hotz from Switzerland.

The German four-man from Worms had already set off fireworks on Friday evening: World Cup title ahead of Austria and Switzerland. Nora Erbenich, Sabrina Born, Hannah Rohrwick and Annika Furch drove almost flawlessly. “That puts the crown on the great season”, so the reaction of the “gold four”.

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