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Rules for visiting the stadium at VfB Stuttgart

2G or 3G? How many spectators are allowed in the stadium? What rules of conduct apply there? Answers to the most important questions about the home games of VfB Stuttgart.

2G or 3G?

In the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the 2G rule has been in force in all areas of the stadium since the new state ordinance. This means that only those who have recovered or are fully vaccinated are allowed to attend VfB’s home games. A negative test is therefore no longer sufficient.

A person who is at least 28 days and a maximum of six months old is considered to have recovered. If the proof is older than six months, a vaccination dose must also be proven.

This does not apply to children under the age of 5 and schoolchildren who can prove their student status.
The type of school is irrelevant here and has nothing to do with the age of the respective person.

People who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons still have the opportunity to visit the stadium. A medical certificate and a daily quick test are required for this.

Mask requirement

Due to the sustained increase in the occupancy of intensive care beds with COVID-19 patients, the warning level has been in effect in Baden-Württemberg since November 3, 2021. As a result of this rule, it is again mandatory to wear a medical mouth and nose protection during the entire stay – also at the place. Exceptions are children under six years of age and visitors who can show a certificate.

Stadium utilization

Due to the new regulation, it is again possible for VfB Stuttgart to completely sell out the stadium with more than 60,000 seats.
This means that the previously prescribed maximum capacity of 25,000 spectators is no longer applicable.

An average of 22,693 spectators flocked to the home games of VfB Stuttgart in the Mercedes-Benz Arena this season.
Due to the state ordinance of September 15, the maximum number of spectators per game has been 25,000 since the first home game.
The ticket quota was only used up against SC Freiburg.

For the first home game against the game association Greuther Fürth only 23,500 spectators were allowed. The different number results from the fact that the stadium plan had to be adjusted due to the distance regulation. Standing space was not yet available at this time. These have only been offered again since the game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen.


In order to avoid larger queues, different time slots are recommended at the entrance. Further information can be found on the VfB ticket page.

The exit from the stadium is ranked and communicated by announcement in order to prevent large crowds.


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