Monday, December 6

Marquardt and Vordermeier win world titles

Selina Marquardt and Helen Vordermeier won gold in the women’s two-man artificial bike at the Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart. There were also two silver medals for Baden-Württemberg.

One’s joy is the other’s sorrow: While the two art cyclists Selina Marquardt and Helen Vordermeier (Stadtkultur Stuttgart) hugged each other after their performance in the freestyle and their first world championship title, the second duo from Baden-Württemberg was disappointed great. Because Caroline Wurth and Sophie-Marie Wöhrle (RSV Gutach) missed the world title for the third time in the third attempt and had to be satisfied with the silver medal.

You can’t beat Marquardt and Vordermeier

Marquardt and Vordermeier started as penultimate in the final and showed an impressive freestyle. They achieved 137.32 points with calm and skill and clearly distanced themselves from the leading Austrians Rosa Kopf and Svenja Bachmann (121.31 points).

The only ones who could have snatched the title away from the duo from Oberjesingen and Stuttgart were their German teammates. But Wurth and Wöhrle’s freestyle did not go flawlessly. Two falls caused points to be deducted, in the end the Breisgauerinnen took 128.93 points and thus silver.

After the brief disappointment about the missed gold medal, Wurth and Wöhrle were more than happy about the double success of the artistic cyclists from Baden-Württemberg.

Max Maute wins silver

An hour later, another Baden-Württemberg rider was able to look forward to a medal: Max Maute (RSV Tailfingen) secured the silver medal with 184.17 points in the men’s one-man artificial bike. But the Albstädter Maute had no chance against the big title favorites Lukas Kohl from Bavaria. The 25-year-old Kohl showed an outstanding freestyle and won his fifth world title with 210.07 points.

German cycling players win gold

At the end of the indoor cycling world championships, the German cycling players rounded off the successful day in the Stuttgart arena. Bernd and Gerd Mlady prevailed against the duo from Switzerland with 5: 2. Bronze went to Austria.

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