Monday, November 29

Hidden positive corona test at SV Waldhof Mannheim?

A hidden corona test is said to have been the reason for the exemption of the sports director of SV Waldhof Mannheim Jochen Kientz.

Kientz is said to have instructed an employee not to report a positive test to management. Waldhof President Bernd Beetz reported this in a fan talk on the club’s YouTube channel.

Employee turned to management

According to Bernd Beetz, the employee should not have withstood the pressure and informed the management a few days later. The supervisory board then had no choice but to release Kientz. In addition, the DFB and the health department were immediately informed. It is unclear whether this allegedly concealed test triggered a corona outbreak at the Waldhof in mid-October.

Unclear facts

Kientz himself referred to his lawyer Christoph Schickhardt when asked by SWR Sport. Schickhardt asked SWR Sport for patience and referred to a thorough examination and determination of the new facts that was still pending. The lawyer spoke to the “Rheinpfalz” on Wednesday of a “gross violation of labor law guidelines” that the association had gone public through Beetz: “The association will have to compensate for the reputational damage that Mr. Kientz has suffered as a result”, so Schickhardt.

Schickhardt also emphasized to SWR Sport that a first examination of the facts available up to then – i.e. before the public statements and accusations of SVW President Beetz – had indicated that things had turned out to be exactly the opposite of what SV Waldhof had presented.

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