Monday, December 6

“Served” and “angry”: FCK frustration after losing to Würzburg

After six games without defeat, 1. FC Kaiserslautern’s streak of success ended on the anniversary of Fritz Walter, of all places. FCK coach Marco Antwerp criticized his team.

Ironically, on the 101st birthday of club legend Fritz Walter, 1. FC Kaiserslautern was frustrated again. “We are very well served today and angry that we have lost our home nimbus,” said coach Marco Antwerpen after the 2-0 (0-2) against the Würzburger Kickers – his first home defeat on the Betzenberg – on Sunday. Previously, the Palatinate’s eminently strong defense in the first 45 minutes had shown glaring weaknesses.

In the 23rd minute, Würzburg’s Tobias Kraulich was allowed to head completely freely after a corner from David Kopacz from around five meters. Three minutes later, the ex-Lauterer Marvin Pourié hit the final score. “We started well and played in the first 15 minutes as we imagined. After that we did less and less. After the Würzburg double hit we were 20 minutes out of the game. That shouldn’t happen to us like that”, criticized Antwerp.

Zimmer: There was a lack of efficiency

FCK captain Jean Zimmer analyzed the game in a similar way: “We weren’t as efficient today as in the last few weeks. At the beginning we had one or two good opportunities that we unfortunately didn’t use and then we got the first goal after a set piece. That is allowed not happen to us in this close league. ” With 19 points, the FCK remains in eleventh place in the middle of the table.

FCK chances usury in the second half

After the change, the Red Devils played on a goal with many chances, but the ball did not go into the goal. “In the second half we had scoring chances and we had to get a penalty. If we catch up, the game could have turned over again. But unfortunately we were unable to do that due to our lack of chances and the penalty we missed,” said Antwerp .

Next Saturday out in Saarbrücken

Next Saturday the prestigious Saar-Palatinate Derby at 1. FC Saarbrücken is on the program for FCK. “It’s a special game, we know that. We have to throw everything into it to win the game,” said Zimmer looking ahead.

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