Monday, December 6

New Corona Control Ordinance: More options outdoors

Prime Minister Malu Dreyer and Health Minister Clemens Hoch presented the 27th Corona Control Ordinance for Rhineland-Palatinate. Relatively little changes for sport. However, there is one important innovation.

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has presented the new Corona Control Ordinance, which will take effect on Monday, November 8th.

What does the new regulation mean for amateur and popular sports?

There is one important change for outdoor sports. Contact tracking is no longer necessary here. For sport that takes place indoors, the usual protective measures continue to apply. There is no adjustment or change here.

What applies to major events with an audience?

Nothing will change here either for the time being. The 2G plus rule remains the admission requirement for a stadium visit. This provides that Unlimited meetings are possible for vaccinated and convalescent people (2G). In addition, a certain number of people tested can be added (plus). The entry of non-immunized, i.e. neither vaccinated nor recovered, will be gradually reduced with a higher warning level.

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