Tuesday, November 30

Ironman Kienle announces the end of his career

Triathlete Sebastian Kienle has announced the end of his career. But for the Ironman world champion from 2014 it should not end immediately.

Another two years, then Sebastian Kienle will call it a day. The triathlete from Mühlacker, who won the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2014, is ending his career. The 37-year-old announced this in a video on his social media channels on Monday. “It feels a bit weird actually sharing that,” said Kienle. “But in the past few weeks I have thought about it a lot and also talked about it.”

Roth as a turning point

In the past two years he had often had the feeling that he wanted to end his career – sometimes even during the races. “You learn to ignore those voices over the course of a career,” he said. “Because there are other voices too.”

“I knew I needed a line”

The last race in Roth was particularly dramatic. There Kienle wanted to secure victory again at the beginning of September, but had to give up after problems with the Achilles tendon. “I knew I needed a line,” said the Kraichgauer. “I always wanted to stop with a clear line. And that line will be at the end of 2023.”

Farewell tour 2023

Until then, however, Kienle still wants to achieve success. The goal: a victory over the long distance. He then wants to use the year 2023 for a farewell tour. “I will do races that I could never do, but I will also see a few places again. And then that was it. After that, I won’t do a triathlon anymore.”

Kienle also spoke openly about the fact that he did not want to expose himself to the pressure of the past few years after the end of his career. “But I also have to say: It was a great time in this sport over the past 20 years.”

Enjoy until the end

After his win in Hawaii in 2014, Kienle made it onto the World Cup podium twice. In 2016 he finished second, in 2019, as in 2013, he finished third. One of the most successful triathletes in Germany will end his career in 2023. Until then, he has already issued his motto: “Enjoy!”


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