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FCK professional Marlon Ritter knows how to get ahead

Marlon Ritter was a studio guest on the TV show SWR Sport in Rhineland-Palatinate on Sunday and commented on the current situation of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, his lawn allergy and the head injuries of his teammate Felix Götze.

Marlon Ritter knows how to level up. With the then third division club SC Paderborn, he was promoted to the 2nd division in 2018 and even made it through to the Bundesliga the following year. It goes without saying that with such a success story at FCK he is exactly right and would like to create a similar feat in the Palatinate.

Fancy the FCK

The tradition of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, the stadium, the fans – these were powerful arguments that did not make him hesitate when the request for a change to FCK was on the table in September 2020. But the start turned out to be not that easy. “In the first year we had three different coaches, 2020 was an epidemic year, Corona had a bigger impact on football than expected,” said the 27-year-old in an interview with SWR presenter Lea Wagner.

Arrived in Lautern

After relegation was prevented last season, things are currently looking much better at FCK. And Marlon Ritter has a big part in it. How great his footballing potential is, he flashes more and more often. As with his dream goal against TSV Havelse, when he dribbled over half the place in Messi-style and confidently maneuvered the ball into the goal. After a little more than a year at FCK, Marlon Ritter says: “The first year was tough, but I’ve now arrived in Lautern.”

Have to score every week

The relegation worries have become much smaller at FCK this season, but they are not gone either. The unexpected 2-0 defeat against penultimate Würzburg was a setback after the last six games without a defeat.

“You can see how narrow the line is. You have to score points in this league every week,” says Marlon Ritter and a look at the table shows that the way down to the relegation zone is just as short as the way up to the promotion places.

Gotze’s head injury makes you think

In the next game against 1. FC Saarbrücken, Ritter hopes for a reaction from the team. Despite all the passion and willingness to fight, there are also thoughtful moments for the striker. When Felix Götze collided with an opponent in a header duel against Duisburg and remained motionless, it didn’t leave Ritter without a trace. “That showed us how fast it can go,” he says, but adds: “You don’t think about long-term consequences on the pitch.” Knight cannot really imagine wearing a helmet as a preventive measure or football without headballs.

Grass allergy does not prevent you from scoring goals

On the other hand, the procedure against his personal small restriction when playing on the lawn is comparatively simple. Ritter suffers from a grass allergy and therefore always trains with long trousers and long-sleeved shirts.

“At the boarding school in Mönchengladbach, I always asked myself why my arms itched or my throat. Then the doctor found that I was allergic to grasses,” explains Ritter. A footballer with a lawn allergy, that sounds like a pretty bad combination at first. But it didn’t stop Marlon Ritter from straddling, fighting, and most importantly, scoring goals.

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