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Real Madrid fans see the future in France’s win over Belgium

Real Madrid fans see the future in France's win over Belgium

Real Madrid supporters flocked to social media on Thursday to express their excitement for France’s victory over Belgium.

Theo to death

Didier Deschamps’s men, of course, were back in action not long ago.

After Spain beat Italy in the first of two Nations League semi-final matches on Wednesday night, Les Bleus faced Belgium, seeking their place in the tournament final.

And, after all, this is precisely what the world champions achieved.

In a chaotic 90 minute, France finally rallied from two goals against, to emerge on the right side from a 3-2 scoreline.

Yannick Carrsco and Romelu Lukaku sent Roberto Martínez’s Belgium into the break with a two-goal lead, and looking good on their way to a shot at the first silver piece:

The French, however, emerged for the second half sporting a completely different animal.

After Karim Benzema slashed a goal thanks to a good shot around the corner just after the hour, the ever-involved Kylian Mbappé tied the score from the penalty spot twenty minutes from time.

Then, just minutes after Romelu Lukaku saw what looked set to show that the deciding match of the night was ruled out for offside, Les Bleus proved their worth once again, clinching a brilliant winner courtesy of AC Milan’s left-back. Theo Hernandez.

France, in turn, advance, ahead of a Nations League clash with Spain on Sunday night.

Benz x Mbappé

However, the Bleus contingent who jumped for joy at the back of the action that came to an end in Turin on Thursday, were joined in their numbers by a particular group of club supporters.

The outfit in question? Real Madrid.

Los Blancos, of course, were on track to sign Kylian Mbappé during the summer transfer window, with Florentino Pérez and company. They are expected to relaunch their search for the 22-year-old in the new year.

In turn, when Mbappé joined current Real hitman Karim Benzema with such devastating effect against Belgium, the club’s fan base couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of what’s to come in the Spanish capital over the next few seasons. .

See the best of the social media reaction below:

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