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Koeman throws Nico under the boss / Suárez explains holding phone call

The consequences of Atlético 2-0 Barça continue: Koeman throws Nico under the bus and Suárez explains the celebration of the phone call

Talking points stemming from the Atlético de Madrid-Barcelona showdown have continued to rise tonight as Ronald Koeman and Luis Suárez take center stage in the post-match talk.

Athletes 2-0 Barça

The big La Liga weekend match was played in the Spanish capital recently.

After falling into a troubling 3-0 defeat at the hands of Benfica during the week, Barcelona made the trip to Wanda Metropolitano, with their sights set on returning to victory against champion Diego Simeone.

However, when the final whistle sounded in Madrid, the Blaugrana only sank further into despair.

The latest in a series of abject and lifeless performances finally saw Koeman and company. passed to the sword by two goals to zero, to slide to a humble ninth in the La Liga table.

Thomas Lemar opened the scoring for the match from the start, before a familiar face condemned Barça to a second defeat in the space of three days:

Suárez speaks and Koeman points to Nico

Aside from a maiden coup against his former club, the aforementioned Suarez also made headlines amid Saturday night action for an entirely different reason.

This came in the form of celebration, as the Uruguayan, after doing his best to be respectful to his former employers, mimicked the action of talking on the phone on the way back to the center circle.

This was widely seen as an offense to Ronald Koeman, and the Dutchman is known to have informed Suarez that it was not part of his Camp Nou plans over the phone last summer.

In turn, speaking to the media after the game, the Atlético hitman was inevitably attracted by his choice of celebration.

Suárez, however, assured that his actions were in no way directed towards his former manager, explaining:

However, returning to the Koeman issue, the Barcelona coach also took center stage in the talk after the final whistle at the Metropolitano.

This came when the Barcelona faithful, for the umpteenth time, made clear their position that the Dutchman should be sent to pack with immediate effect.

And Koeman’s own comments in the post-game media are unlikely to do much to stem the ever-increasing flow of calls to his head.

This comes with the 58-year-old, strangely, having chosen to throw the young Nico González firmly under the bus.

Nico, just 19 years old, had his second straight outing in La Liga tonight, after impressing en route to a 3-0 win over Levante last weekend.

His coach, however, is evidently of the opinion that Spanish talent was entirely to blame in Atlético’s first game on Saturday, and he was not shy about announcing it recently:

‘In the (first) goal, Nico does not follow Lemar so we are missing one in the middle. Do you understand why we play with three centrals (midfielders)? So we don’t leave too much space. We don’t have speed in the center of the field. ‘

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